Beijing Express: Valentin Léonard responds to criticism of his actions!

The new season of Beijing Express is launched. Under the fire of criticism because of his behavior, Valentin Léonard spoke.

Rachel Legrain Trapani and Valentin Léonard will have put their couple to the test in Beijing Express. Pointed out for his behavior, the darling of the former beauty queen therefore spoke on social networks to explain himself. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Start signal for the Beijing Express

It’s official ! The new special edition of Beijing Express is launched. And the least we can say is that viewers are not disappointed with the cast.

This year, Valérie Trierweiler, participates in the adventure. And this, in the company of his BFF Karine. But that’s not all ! Théo Curin teams up with his agent, Anne. For his part, Just Riadh is in duo with his best friend, Abdallah.

As for Xavier Domergue, he chose to embark on Beijing Express with the sports journalist, Yoann Riou. Finally, Rachel Legrain Trapani is with her dear and tender, Valentin Leonard. And Inès Reg plays with her sister, Anaïs.

“Shock duets” which already seem to thrill fans of the show. Lack of luck, some candidates do not seem to be unanimous among aficionados.

In particular the young comedian of 29 years. Eh yes ! Despite its popularity, the pretty brunette has failed to convince on the small screen.

Moreover, many Beijing Express fans criticized her. “Inès reg, just unbearable”, “Imagine, you have the choice between going to the show of Inès reg or Camille Lellouche, how do you prefer to die”, “It’s a slap in the face Inès Reg”, “The duo Inès Regest insupportable “could we read on the networks.

But also : “I would be too sick if Yoan and Xavier leave in place of Ines reg there she is not even funny”, “A moved thought for this fabulous country that is Sri Lanka which had to support our national ball Inès Reg during 1 month. Our most sincere apologies…”. Ouch.

Beijing Express: Valentin Léonard responds to criticism of his actions!

Valentin Léonard explains himself

Anyway and despite the criticism, Inès Reg loved it his experience in Beijing Express. Besides, she seems delighted to have participated with sister and not with Kevin.

“Oh, but I recommend this to all couples!, she explained to Télé-Loisirs. And to continue: “The most frequent fights in a couple are in the car and this is the very essence of Beijing express”.

She added: “Every time I saw Rachel Legrain Trapani and Valentin Léonard, I thought: ‘Fortunately I didn’t do it with Kevin!’ »

And for good reason ! The two lovebirds never stopped tearing each other apart for the duration of Beijing Express. So much so that Internet users do not have hesitated to tackle Valentin Léonard. The reason ? His behavior towards his partner.

Lynched on the Web, the Beijing Express candidate therefore reacted to the controversy. It’s not easy to see yourself in trouble and argue. I am often in the extreme in terms of emotions because too competitive. »

“In the present moment, we don’t really realize our own reactions. With hindsight, it’s not easy to see. I have a (very) bad temper when it comes to competition and I’m fully aware of that. » The darling of the former Miss France seems to have become aware of many things thanks to Beijing Express…

Beijing Express: Valentin Léonard responds to criticism of his actions!