Benjadoes: “I’m aiming for the movies, I love the big screen”

He directs, acts, produces, is a screenwriter and even an entrepreneur with his own clothing brand. Benjamin Doig Espinoza, known as Benjadoes, is a Trujillo native with promise. Each parody that bears his stamp is a guaranteed success and proof of this is the recent recreation of one of the most iconic scenes from the movie “And where are the blondes?” that he shared on his social media. The clip accumulates more than 23 million views and more than 33 thousand comments from users from different parts of the world who recognize its ingenuity and versatility. However, its popularity has been marred on more than one occasion by some controversies. Diario OJO interviewed the content creator, who forms the project Concept House, to learn about his beginnings and what is behind his work.

Your first videos on YouTube were homemade. Did you start on this platform in order to monetize or what was your motivation? I started without thinking so much, it was not my idea to monetize. I have always loved making videos. The first thing that caught my attention was the cinema, and the closest thing to the cinema are the short films that I liked, as well as comedy and I always end up doing that.

You studied at the Escuela Nacional Superior de Arte Dramático, but you dropped out. Would you like to resume it later? Going back to that same school is not in my plans, but you never know. Studying acting is because when you want to practice something you need to have previous knowledge, never think that you know everything. It is necessary to exploit your potential and what better than studying. And different friends, who are professionals in this, suggest that I study to learn new things.

From a very young age you began to direct, write scripts and also produce. How did you discover these abilities? From what weighty, experienced people told me, who rescued certain of my abilities. But I prefer to continue thinking that I know nothing. I only know that I know nothing. (Laughter) One always has his ego attacks, but, for the most part, in my mind I think I’m a fool and I say “this is a genius, learn.”

You have a very singular humor, is it more difficult to attract brands with a profile like yours? My best friend Gringasho told me that if I had been born in the US I would have more money. It’s something I’ll never know. It has been difficult with the kind of thanks I do, but he didn’t do it thinking of attracting brands. Now I understand that part of art is to be an image of something, but it is not what I was aiming for and until now it continues to do so. However, if you have noticed a change in my content, it is due to evolution. But always inside that vague.

From what moment is it that you began to take this hobby as a job? Since they invited me to an event and paid me. I always believed in those sayings that “you don’t live in Peru from YouTube”. Sometimes you don’t win for the video, but for a photo to go to an event.

Do you feel that you have had to improve some aspects so that brands trust you? No, never, never. That’s what the youtubers told me, to work on some things, but it has always been evolution. Before, I was born to show absolutely everything on the networks, now it is not born to me. It makes me want to show more prepared things.

You have been involved in several controversies, which one has impacted you the most? When I threw away the kitten, it was not an animal, but an intimate garment. He affected me because I felt like a close friend washed his hands of it. They took me out on the news, but I didn’t feel bad because my intentions were never bad. I have done many good things, but they never bring that out.

A very particular piece of information about you is that you have been closed several accounts on Instagram, almost a dozen, for violating its rules. How do you handle this situation today? Yes, eight accounts have been closed. Now it makes me laugh, but I’ve been learning what Instagram doesn’t like. It was also because he uploaded almost everything he did during the day or whatever. Now I think about things more.

What do you think your success lies in? In my way of being When my attacks come to me, those are the ones that have made people laugh at my silliness or hate me, which is also part of all this.

Many consider you to be the face of Concept House. What’s your opinion about it? From ptm.

What has it meant to you to be part of this project? I have gotten to know very talented people more thoroughly who, although they are younger than me, have a different type of mentality, they are kids who have worked professionally since they were little and therefore have more knowledge and experience. I have learned many things with this entire team, both artists and production. Now I know how important it is to have an organization and rely on different people.

If you could go back in time, what mistakes would you not make as a content creator? is there something you regret? I would not change anything. I love who I am right now and I know I have much more to learn. Although I do regret titling a video “Rape Techniques” it was unnecessary and thoughtless. But those mistakes make me what I am today.

You have many followers on your various platforms, people who you make laugh with your witticisms, but also a significant group of haters who don’t understand your humor. How do you handle criticism? In general, I handle criticism quite well, but, obviously, every bad comment has its reaction. But the last thing I try to do is spread it on social networks because it’s in vain, the worst thing is to vent to your own audience. For the most part, I deal with these criticisms with close people with whom I can vent.
I vent very quickly.

What annoys you the most when people assume about you on digital platforms? I don’t mind how people see me. I cannot say that it bothers me that people see me as a drug addict, when they see me at parties and it does seem that I am, because it gives me my shrink, but I don’t use drugs or drink, I don’t get drunk because I don’t like it. That is what it seems, but I am aware of what I am.

What would you like to do later? I am going to dedicate my whole life to continue doing what I do, but on a larger scale, always aiming at the cinema, I love the big screen. Today I already discovered what I want most in life.

He studied acting at ENSAD for a year. He works with major brands and is currently the creative director and part of the second season of the Concept House project, the most famous content creator house in Peru.


Benjadoes: “I’m aiming for the movies, I love the big screen”