It is this Wednesday, November 9 that is held the appeal trial of the complaint for defamation of Jeanne Manson against the daughter of Richard Berry. In this incest affair, a new investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office has turned the prescribed facts upside down.

The Berry case is far from over. While Coline Berry was sentenced last April to pay 20,000 euros to Jeane Manson, the ex-wife of her father Richard Berry, for “false accusations of incest”, the latter appealed and the trial will be held this Wednesday November 9.

If the case was dismissed on August 31 for prescription as recalled The Parisiana recent investigation could well undermine the defense.

The lawyer for the actor’s daughter also intends to highlight the investigations of the Paris prosecutor’s office. “The facts revealed or denounced in the procedure do indeed constitute an offence. The investigation considered that the facts were probable and characterized”, indicates Me Klugman to our colleagues.

What does this survey contain?

Requalified for Richard Berry in “sexual assault on a 15-year-old minor” and for Jeanne Manson in “corruption of a 15-year-old minor”, the investigation takes up the same elements that Coline Berry had mentioned in the past.

“As far back as I can remember, I always kissed my father on the mouth with my tongue“, she reaffirmed in front of the police. She also indicates, when she was between 6 and 10 years old, that her father walked naked in the family apartment, sometimes erect, and that he asked his daughter, under the complicit gaze of Jeanne Manson, to play the “orchestral game”.

In this specific case, the actor’s daughter should have playing with his father’s penis mimicking a musical instrument. “I had parted lips and a piece of his glans was in my mouth for me to mime the breath of an instrument,” she recalls.

The latter would also have, according to his daughter, touched his chest several times, calling it “horny”. Childhood friends of Coline Berry who have been auditioned confirm that she was at the age of 13 or 14, reported these facts.

“Unsubstantiated” claims

The actor’s lawyer evokes an “obviously very partial investigation with regard to prescribed facts” affirming that no sufficient charge “has emerged, quite the contrary. Me Klugman’s assertions are as unfounded as they are gratuitous.” .

However, the medico-psychological expertise of Colline Berry affirms that the remarks she makes “are compatible with the facts denounced, her speech is sincere and authentic (…) and does not present a tendency to fabricate”. And the practitioner notes “the presence of convincing psychotraumatic syndromes in connection with the procedure”.

For his part, the actor denies in block the accusations of his daughter. “I was devastated, devastated by these accusations and these lies that my daughter declared. It is an immense sadness”, he would have said, refuting the “orchestral game” or still qualifying “abject” tongue kisses.

The investigation also points to “deleterious relations” within the family.

Berry-Manson affair: kiss with the tongue, erect penis and “orchestral playing”, the underside of the investigation revealed