Between obsession and parody: 7 productions to see that break with Christmas traditions

Every December the offer of films and series that have Christmas as protagonists is renewed. Although it seems that there is nothing new to tell, many productions try to give the subject a twist, and in some cases they succeed. These are some examples of premieres who decided to take advantage of the occasion to test lateral thinking and offer a new vision of the date and its great protagonist, Santa Claus.

Proposal of Nordic origin that for six half-hour chapters follows the alternatives of a group of people who do not know each other, when they are stranded at the Oslo airport by a snow storm. The gallery of characters is multiple and varied, and the plot doesn’t look for the low blow or the complacent smile, it’s just about approaching each of these stories (and their intersections) in the kindest and most adult way possible. The cast is as tight as the staging, which places the viewer in the center of the scene, allowing him or her to function around the characters as one more. Since its premiere, it has been among the most requested on the platform and it is enough to start watching it to understand why. Available on Netflix.

This custom of forcing children’s franchises to have a Christmas adventure started decades ago and seems never ending. Since that Christmas special Star Wars in the 70s, to those of toy story Y Shrekin December the screen is flooded with short stories about a tree of lights. The Guardians of the Galaxy join the custom, with this special chapter where its main figures return and that it entertains, despite not being a display of originality. To Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Drax (dave bautista) it seems to them that Star-Lord (chris pratt) is sadder than usual because he misses the terrestrial festival. So they come to our planet to kidnap the actor Kevin Bacon and “give it to him”. Winks to other Marvel productions, references to the greatest and some other detail that can be a trigger for the next installment of the saga, round off a simple but attractive proposal. Available on Disney+.

The tireless and talented Karra Elejalde this Spanish comedy is shouldered, that gets fully involved in the controversy that historically confronted Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. While the latter arise from a Biblical story, the former is a character created from a combination of people and events from different cultures, with the appearance of a marketer and the color of soda. In kings vs santa, the trio of ambassadors are fed up with the prominence given to their rival to their detriment. And everything gets complicated when, before being kidnapped on December 24, they are forced to do their job. An incorrect and funny film in its intention to pervert traditionswith a Santa Claus who speaks half in English and half in an inclusive language, and Three Kings of few fleas. Available on Prime Video.

A tour of the catalog of the platforms allows you to recover jewels like this special one that Bill Murray starred in and Sofia Coppola directed, in 2015. At the Carlyle Hotel in New York, Murray prepares to broadcast his Christmas special live. But the bad weather ruined the production that included figures like George Clooney, Miley Cyrus and even Papa Francisco. Overwhelmed and with that eternal face of boredom that matches the acidity of his words, Murray begins to interact with the hotel staff and guests (including Michael Cera, Rashida Jones, Jenny Lewis and Jason Schwartzman) while taking a tour for the most recognized of the North American Christmas repertoire accompanied by the pianist Paul Shaffer. A whim yes, but made with height and talent, so it is a pleasure to be part of it. Available on Netflix.

The unexpected success of santa clause (1994) and its two continuations revitalized the figure and career of Tim Allen; at least his image, because his voice was taken care of by the saga of toy story with his unforgettable Buzz Lightyear. That story about a man named Scott Calvin, who by a fortuitous situation was forced to become Santa Claus, was squeezed as much as possible. At least we thought so because now comes this series of six chapters that offers a new twist, imbued with Christmas spirit. At 65, Scott feels he’s old enough to retire, so he looks for someone to take up the red mantle so he can devote himself to being a normal family man. But the tranquility is short-lived, the chosen one is not what it seems and Santa has to put his hat back on to save Christmas. For the fan of the trilogy, this adaptation in series format does not disappoint, it even surpasses some of the feature films. Available on Disney+.

The story of Father there is only one began in 2019, as a Spanish adaptation of the Argentine comedy mom went on a trip. While ours was forgotten quite quickly, the version directed by and starring santiago safe dIt aroused so much enthusiasm in Spain that it gave rise to two sequels, the last one released this year and which has the festivities as a trigger. The plot follows more or less the same scheme as the previous ones and this type of family comedy: confusion, conflicts and comedy. And in that sense, with a cast that is known by heart, and the great Santiago Segura as figurehead, things work perfectly. The platform also has the previous installments available, so there are no excuses for not enjoying a trilogy about which little is known here, but which was a success in its country of origin. Available on Paramount+.

In 1991, The strange world of Jack revolutionized frame-by-frame animation, a technique that has just come to shine again thanks to pinocchio from Guillermo del Toro. Besides that, the movie Tim Burton kicked off a whole universe around the icons of Halloween and Christmas. Although it is an “essential” to see again at this time, in this case the recommendation is oriented towards a mini-documentary that explores some unknown details of its making.

in the series The search, the collector Dan Lanigan takes as a reference some film items that he treasures to talk with their makers and protagonists about the creation process of each work. The third installment is dedicated to Burton’s classic, and the interview and research work makes it an excellent proposal to complement the viewing of the film and continue to find new points of attraction for it. Available on Disney+.

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Between obsession and parody: 7 productions to see that break with Christmas traditions