Birthday of June 6, 1944: on Twitter, he shares the biography of a “hero of the Liberation” every day

His account is followed by more than 70,000 people.. Daily, Jean-Christophe Notin, at the origin of the Twitter account “

Words of Liberation Fighters“, publishes the biography of a resistance fighter from the Second World War, in 280 characters. All of this, accompanied by a photo. 2020, during the first confinement. He has already told the life of 1,400 resistance fighters.

This June 6, 2022, 78 years later

the landing of the allies in Normandy on June 6, 1944, he will, as usual, share a new portrait. The story of the resistance fighters of the Second World War, he tells it every day, “to not forget”.

Telling the life of those forgotten

Like most of the time, Jean-Christophe Notin will choose this Monday, June 6, the face of a stranger. “There were 65,000 resistance medalists, and I wanted to give a voice to those we don’t remember. Because they have fantastic careers that we’ve never heard of,” explains Jean-Christophe Notin.

If it is obviously impossible to summarize the life of a resistant in a tweet, the author wants to bring all these French people out of oblivion, “from the liaison officer to the women who carried messages on the handlebars of their bicycles”. Of course, he only says the essential, but can in this way reaching thousands of people, especially young people generations. “It is also a duty of memory” assures Jean-Christophe Notin. “And young people are very interested in this period of history. I also think that some wonder, seeing the photo of a resistant of their age, if they would have done the same thing.”

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beautiful stories

Sometimes, Jean-Christophe Notin discovers moving comments under his publications. “There are descendants of the resistance fighters I am talking about who, sometimes, are happy to discover the photo of their grandfather or grandmother.” Without forgetting “the descendants of people who were saved by these resistance fighters, who come to show their admiration. It’s always very moving” testifies the author. The Twitter account has become participatory since regularly, Internet users share in the comments articles on the resistance fighter that Jean-Christophe Notin puts in the spotlight.

With this idea, that of talking about the Resistance on a social network to reach another audience, he did not expect to reach so many people. Some of these 1,400 portraits of these resistants will be shared in a book at the start of the school year, “500 heroes of the Liberation”, published by Tallandier editions.

Birthday of June 6, 1944: on Twitter, he shares the biography of a “hero of the Liberation” every day