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BOOK FACT SHEET THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE BY OSCAR WILDE: Have you read, or have yet to read, the Oscar Wilde’s short story The Canterville Ghost and do you have to do the book card? If you really don’t know where to start and you’re stuck, trust us to guide you through the commentary, summary and analysis of the characters to be developed in order to write a complete book profile! Here you will find everything you need, from the plot to the review. We will gladly help you and thanks to our notes it will be as easy as drinking a glass of water!

BOOK SHEET THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE BY OSCAR WILDE: BASIC INDICATIONS. First, in your book file, you must provide the basic information on this story. Here they are:

  • Title: The Canterville Ghost
  • Original title: The Canterville Ghost
  • Author: Oscar Wilde
  • Publication date: first published in 1887

THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE, BOOK DETAILS: ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin on October 16, 1854. He studied at home until the age of 9, then continued his studies at Trinity College and later at Oxford. It is there that he begins to play an important role within Aestheticism and Decadentism. After university he moved to London, where he began teaching the principles of Aestheticism. An all-round writer, he became famous for his sense of humour, his unconventional manners and clothes; he was a playwright, writer of children’s stories and very successful novels such as The Picture of Dorian Gray. In 1895, however, he was arrested and sentenced to two years of hard labor on charges of homosexuality. In prison he wrote a long letter to his lover Lord Alfred Douglas, known as De Profundis and a moving poem, The Ballad of the Hanged Man, both published posthumously. When he left prison two years later, he was ill and isolated from society and literary circles: he moved to France where he died of meningitis in 1900. In this regard, here is the biography also in English: Oscar Wilde: Life and Works in English

OSCAR WILDE’S GHOST OF CANTERVILLE SUMMARY: THE PLOT. After some hints on the biography, it is necessary to briefly introduce the events narrated in the novel. To help you complete your book profile, we invite you to read The Canterville Ghost, a summary of the work of Oscar Wilde. If you need the summary in English read: The Canterville Ghost: Summary in English.

BOOK SHEET THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE: THE CHARACTERS. Let’s discover and then analyze the protagonists of the story:

  • Sir Simon Duke of Canterville, the protagonist who gives the novel its title, the sinful ghost who killed his wife and who wanders in the castle with handcuffs and rusty chains tied to his ankles and wrists; he is a dramatic character and his personal story, told by the housekeeper, Mrs Umney, is full of pathos. She has red eyes like hot coals and long, dirty and gray hair, she has an angry and ruthless soul and her ankles are bound by chains which she drags noisily. You killed your wife, whom you loved, in a fit of rage, because she didn’t do the housework.
  • Lady Canterville: owner of the castle
  • Lord Canterville: Lady Canterville’s husband and owner of the castle
  • Hiram Otis: American Ambassador. Otis is a brave man and a good family man, as shown when he goes in search of his missing daughter. He doesn’t believe in ghosts and, even when he has to admit that they exist, he doesn’t get scared.
  • Lucretia Tappan Otis: Hiram’s wife, a beautiful middle-aged American middle-class woman, obsessed with cleanliness.
  • Washington Otis: the eldest son, a typical young American rampant and full of entrepreneurial ideas, such as that of the super stain remover.
  • Virginia Otis: the fifteen-year-old second daughter, with a shy and reserved character but at the same time also generous and available with a strong feeling of freedom; she is romantic, sensitive and open, she is the only one who truly empathizes with the ghost. She will be able to save him and provide the reader with a happy ending.
  • The Otis twins: the terrible boys are mischievous and hyperactive; they play continuous jokes on the ghost and are also called stars and stripes, Stars and Stripes in the original language, so nicknamed with clear reference to the American flag.
  • Mrs Umney: the housekeeper, born and raised in the shadow of the castle. She tells the story of sir Simon.
  • Cecil: English boy, in love and future husband of Virginia.

THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE BOOK FACTSHEET: SETTING AND NARRATIVE TIME. The story is set in England, in Casterville Chase, a town seven miles from Ascot, near London, in a country castle dating back to the 16th century, typical of the time. The story is set in Victorian England at the end of the 19th century and Wilde describes precise customs and traditions of the period.

BOOK SHEET THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE: STYLE AND LANGUAGE. The style is simple, precise, direct, ironic: it is a humorous parody of Ghost Stories, the ghost stories, typical of the English tradition, but in the story there is nothing scary, on the contrary it is very funny and hilarious thanks also to Wilde’s sarcastic and sardonic narration.

BOOK SHEET THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE: TOPICS. The main theme on which the story focuses is the opposition between the English aristocratic society, linked to the traditions of the past, and the pragmatism of the American upper class, anchored to the present.

THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE: REVIEW AND COMMENT. This hilarious, ironic and amusing story is a panacea for the reader’s spirit. In fact, reading is pleasant but at the same time one cannot fail to notice Wilde’s refined taste and style, which tells a story, apparently scary, with impeccable and pleasant tones. Reading The Canterville Ghost certainly does not get bored and, indeed, the story is devoured in the blink of an eye. It is the ideal book, for young and old: adults can find the spirited Wilde, the winking dandy of his novels, between the lines of the story; and the children will have fun following the story of the mischievous twins and the poor ghost, to whom the jokes of the two boys are directed. The pace is pressing, so much so that you just can’t get bored, not even for a second. The style and words are carefully weighed by the author, who leaves nothing to chance and guides the reader through a typical story of the period, made up of ghosts and castles, but which with his irony dampens. Thanks to this story, the reader finds himself catapulted into a distant era: savor the atmosphere, identify the contrasts between past and present, but above all have fun. The attention is always high because in the story there is suspense, expectation, sudden changes of narration, but also a careful examination of the different protagonists, above all Virginia, capable, with her sensitivity, of changing the fate of poor Sir Simon who in the end, thanks to her, he will find peace and a proper burial. The book, therefore, is highly recommended to everyone: spending a couple of hours in the company of the protagonists will be an adventure that will not be easily forgotten.

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