Brest Stadium. Marco Bizot, essential goalkeeper for the maintenance

Ligue 1 (19th day). Toulouse – Stade Brestois, this Sunday (3 p.m.)

If Stade Brestois stays in Ligue 1, it will be able to say thank you to Marco Bizot, once again decisive against Lille with four parades on Wednesday evening. The goalkeeper is the most regular Brest player in a first leg which will end this Sunday, leading by the actions of a team lacking in character which will nevertheless need it to save its skin.

Paradoxically, the 33 goals he has conceded this season (including the 7-0 against Montpellier) place him as the second goalkeeper in the elite to most often seek the ball in the back of his net. Strangely, the 31-year-old Dutchman, dependent on a constantly changing defense that has often let him down, waited until Matchday 18 this week to finish a game without conceding a goal. But his 57 saves since the start of the championship, sixth best performance among the last ramparts of Ligue 1, say much more about what Bizot represents today in Brest: a man who arrived on tiptoe in Brittany in the summer of 2021 who was able, over time, to dispel doubts among those, many, who did not see the added value compared to Gautier Larsonneur, a question at the time raised in our columns.

The one whose arrival intrigued has turned into a real boss dubbed by all the supporters and his rescues, like the one against Strasbourg in September in stoppage time, allow Brest not to be off the hook. As his performance in Monaco on January 1 had offered his catastrophic teammates then players to miraculously stay in the game to vainly hope for a draw. It is no coincidence that he is part of the “council of wise men”, on which the technical staff relies, with Brendan Chardonnet, Islam Slimani, Haris Belkebla and Pierre Lees Melou.

“A reliable Ligue 1 goalkeeper”

Asked by us, Bizot, sometimes elusive, refused to speak in our columns. Recruited as goalkeeping coach to replace Julien Lachuer in early December, a shake-up in the club’s landscape, Christophe Revel is more talkative: “One of the things I discovered working with him was his ability to switch immediately into the competition. He can laugh and put himself in a match situation in a snap of his fingers. Goalkeepers with this psychological profile are at a great advantage. He is a pragmatic person who is constantly looking for efficiency, not a person in the beautiful or the show, supports Revel, passed by the staffs of Lille, Rennes, Lorient and Lyon in France. He quickly analyzes the situation, always aiming for efficiency. In work, he leads by example. On a daily basis, it is always the three goalkeepers who come out of the locker room first, and that is a sign, continues Revel. He is very efficient, very professional: Marco is a reliable Ligue 1 goalkeeper. I am a coach, I am offered it, I take it every day! There is no doubt about its ability to perform, to respond present and to adapt”.

“He releases something, he is reassuring”

“We need a very good goalkeeper to fulfill our objectives and we are happy to have him with Marco, abounds Eric Roy, who is also discovering the character and the player. You immediately see its nature, details the Stade Brestois coach. He is a pleasant, radiant guy. He exudes something, he is reassuring and I quickly felt like a group boy”.

Arrived one and a half ago in Brest, Bizot, under contract until 2024, had quickly started learning the French with his friend Jere Uronen, who left for Schalke 04 in early January and with whom he hung out all the time. in Kerlaurent, the training center. “Marco has made a lot of effort with the French language, confirms Roy. But there is always this barrier that prevents him from having an impactful speech in the locker room. I haven’t seen him in this role yet, I think it’s not natural for him but he’s not someone who will shirk. The field proves it.

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Brest Stadium. Marco Bizot, essential goalkeeper for the maintenance