CaneSecco, the new single is “Veleno 8”: the text

A real long-distance feud that Gemitaiz and Madman have been carrying on for months on one side and CaneSecco on the other. The latter is back to make his voice heard with a new single, “Veleno 8”, released on Friday 27 September. That it is a provocation can already be understood from the title (which recalls the duo’s series of singles Gemitaiz-Madman “Veleno”), but it is above all the cover of the single that removes all doubts: a clear parody of that of “Veleno VII”: the graphics, the character of the text and the lines of the image are in fact identical to the original, with the substantial difference that the cover of “Poison VII”, depicts a scrotum instead of a poisoned apple.

Who is CaneSecco

CaneSecco, born in 1984, was born and raised in Rome. At the age of 13, with the discovery of rap, he approached music. His artistic career has evolved by listening to musical classics of all kinds and attending the Roman rap scene from the end of the 90s onwards, then actually taking part in the early 2000s, right together with Gemitaiz. After five “Street Albums” with the Xtreme Team from 2007 to 2011 and a trilogy of solo albums entitled “Senza Collare” from 2009 to 2012, the album was released in 2013 without the support of any label. “One Love”, debuting in first position Italian Rap / Hip Hop on iTunes. After the unexpected success and the thousands of views and downloads, in 2014 the artist launches the new album “One Love Reloaded”, which also debuted at the top of the rap/hiphop charts in digital stores, produced by the new label Extreme Records. In 2016 CaneSecco returns with “Real”, driven by the success of the single “Alone”

“Poison 8” lyrics

Below, the complete text of “Venom 8”:

Er CaneSecco answers you «stupid what about you?»

You still say around that I speak only of you
But then on every rhyme there’s a dig
So with this mine I’ll slap you like Er Noyz did
Do you want to put it on rap? Let’s rap, okay
I was only talking about the human side (haha)
Can you compete with me? Are we kidding?
Stupid, ne pijavi de meno if I beat you (eh yeah)
Do you believe yourself strong huh? You think you are good
You don’t make a good rhyme from Affare Romano (haha)
Do forced online, it’s clear
Live then do like Caneda with the Gitano
‘A bald at least gets the choruses right
That you now have less bone rhymes in your head than hair
Zero adults, only underage fans
With their money, buy the mask from Junior Cally
And don’t answer, go hide
You can’t fuck you know you have to succumb (oh)ù
You only talk behind, tell me in front
‘A bald remain cocaine addicts
Humanly you are worth less than zero
I technically taught you how to rap, the real thing
But you’ve changed, it’s clear you’re not sincere
You hang out with people and write rhymes just for the dinero (haha)
Just keep going with the numbers
With the flow with the cock that you pass me
Go close to the toilet, because the humble ones, like me
They no longer feel sorry for the stupid, like you (oh)

Poison poison oh well
Yes, but poison of what?
I’m more poisoned than them
I mean really brother (ahah)
I spit poison brother
Real poison brother
There is no truer one
Extreme poison bro (bro)

The techniques are always the same
Stand still for 2007
You’re only talking about the rods
And that you fuck the pischellette
Bravo, talk about her boobs
Faces sees the heart attack ass
Yet this within six months
Someone else will bomb it (ouch ouch ouch)
Who calls her slutty as it should be
Then throw it away while you write to her “you are my life”
You haven’t learned anything from stories before
You can have a quickie with these girls here
There are those who deny it but it remains a saw
Who goes to hell with the money taken at league live shows
Take a bath of humility, Salvini has more coherence
After the half saw drowns, you make all the mouthpieces
I’m cuckold here said to the infamous Dj Harsh
“Secco has a tumor, let’s hope he doesn’t make it”
The infamous said “who can I care in his place?”
I’m cuckold je replied “where can I sign ‘?”
When you rap it looks like you take it in the ass
If he sees that a priest must have raped you as a child
In the village where you were born, pheasant, you are fake
More than the fake Milanese accent
And Squarta called you on the record after it came out
But nobody saw you at the funeral first
Stupid me that I’m a precise pischello
I treated my ass licker like a brother
I truly believed that I was no longer alone
I taught you how to do it, how to take flight
But they fucked me at the first good moment
And if I don’t trust anyone it’s only because of them fuck you (oh)

Poison poison oh well
Yes, but poison of what? (huh?)
I’m more poisoned than them
I mean really brother (ah)
I spit poison brother
Real poison brother (ahah)
There is no truer one
Extreme poison brother (haha)

CaneSecco, the new single is “Veleno 8”: the text