Capricorn: his character, his qualities and his faults

Capricorns are born between December 22 and January 20. It is an earth sign, like Taurus, and its ruler is Saturn. Everything you need to know about the character of Capricorn.

Character of Capricorns: what do we blame them for?

Capricorns are among the least popular signs. This can be explained by the fact that they create a shell to protect their high sensitivity. They can therefore seem cold, even haughty, at first sight. They are often solitary and prefer to take refuge in their thoughts rather than communicate with others. They find it difficult to express their feelings and tend to keep their resentment and disappointment within them. The native of Capricorn must let go and free his speech, because everything he keeps in him poisons him little by little and comes out in the form of anger or a fit of jealousy, for example.

The qualities of Capricorn

Capricorn matured very quickly. As a child, he is calm, reflective and takes a lucid look at the world around him. If he speaks little, he is an excellent observer who is able to analyze with finesse the behavior of his fellows. As an adult, he knows how to show great intelligence even if he does not necessarily know how to benefit others. At work as in his daily life, he acts with method and determination, because he hates wasting his time. Capricorn is trustworthy: he systematically fulfills the missions given to him in the allotted time.

Under his shell, Capricorn hides a heart of gold and a sensitivity that makes him an esthete. He likes to contemplate beauty in all its forms and often has an artistic talent. Contrary to what their somewhat melancholy character suggests, Capricorn has a lot of humor. He is often tongue-in-cheek and skillfully wields irony and sarcasm. Once you get to know him, he is a discreet and pleasant companion who knows how to give good advice.

Capricorn and love

He takes time to trust, but when Capricorn decides to love, it’s for life. With him, no words in the air: what he promised, he will do. It is the most reliable astrological sign. He is loyal in love as in friendship and provides unconditional support to the people who are dear to him. In a relationship, Capricorn has an insatiable need for tenderness. No need for words, the presence of the loved one is enough for him. He cherishes quality time more than anything, and if he feels loved the way he is, he can manage to let his guard down and open up.

Once a parent, Capricorn is a loving family leader who will do everything possible to ensure comfort and stability in their home. On the other hand, as he finds it difficult to express his emotions, when he wants to say that he loves, he often does so through humor. This can disconcert the natives of Aries or Aquarius who value a clear and straightforward mode of communication.

Capricorn: what signs is it compatible with?

Capricorn gets along well with peaceful signs that are not bothered by their silence. This is the case of Cancer easily lost in his daydreams with whom Capricorn shares his taste for contemplation. The native of Gemini is also a particularly beneficial association for Capricorn, because it helps him to express his feelings, without rushing him. Scorpio can also be a good partner: he gives him self-confidence and pushes him out of his comfort zone, while respecting his need for tranquility. On the other hand, the agreement is very difficult with Aries whose character is the opposite of Capricorn, and major communication problems are to be expected with the native of Pisces since it is again a sign that struggling to express themselves.

Capricorn: his character, his qualities and his faults