Carlos Álvarez denounces adjustment after parody of Lilia Paredes: “there is an unfortunate intolerance”

Carlos Álvarez parodied the first lady Lilia Paredes and has been receiving death threats ever since. (Photo: Composition)

Peruvian comedian Carlos Alvarez continues to record the threats of death that he and his family have been receiving after he made a parody of the first lady Lilia Paredes and the president Peter Castle.

This time, the artist appeared on Canal N to talk about the situation he has been going through. Likewise, he gave details about the measures he has taken and announced that he will not neglect his work in the middle.

“I have taken the necessary measures to continue with my work. That (the threats) is not going to diminish or call into question the work that we have been doing with all honesty and for the entertainment and amusement of the public”Alvarez said.

“I have noticed suspicious things in my house. I arrive late (at his home) because I have presentations at ‘La Estación’ in Barranco and I see cars going around outside my house. When I see them, they run away”counted.

In that same line, Carlos Alvarez He called for greater tolerance towards his imitation work and lamented that there are politicians who care about his humorous work instead of focusing on the real problems of the country.

“It seems to me that there is some unfortunate intolerance on the part of some spheres of the Government or those close to the Government regarding political humor… We simply collect the feelings of the people and translate it into humor. If that upsets and inconveniences, I’m very sorry. We did not invent the news”sentenced.

Imitation of Lilia Paredes by Carlos Álvarez.
Imitation of Lilia Paredes by Carlos Álvarez.
"Mrs. Lila Paredes"character created by Carlos Álvarez.
“Doña Lila Paredes”, a character created by Carlos Álvarez.

On August 1, Carlos Álvarez attended Prefecture of Lima to request guarantees for his life and that of his family. “I am in the prefecture requesting guarantees for my life. Unfortunately via the Internet, in the networks they have messed with my family, it is cowardice. I’m not afraid, but I’m not going to let them mess with my family either.”.

According to the screenshots made public by the comedian, Facebook users sent messages to his social network warning him that they would threaten his life and that of his closest environment.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

What you don’t know, Carlitos, is that one of these days, your whole family will have a surprise. Ha, ha, ha, ha, let’s see if you continue with the humor stu **** “it is read in the photo that he published last July 29.

Photo. Facebook
Photo. Facebook

“You’re dead”, “the keys to your apartment with a view to the future are almost in your hands”So you think you’re funny, so you like to discriminate against rural women. Don’t even come to province C… we swear I’ll scratch it… Now your fun is going to end. You no longer exist, you are a ghost. Don’t even come to the province, you’ve been warned”, These are other texts that the comedian has been receiving.

On the other hand, the humorist also went to the San Isidro police station to formally denounce the threats. He even revealed that he has been seeing some strange cars driving outside his house late at night.

“I have denounced adjustment because outside my house, there are always cars that turn. I call serenazgo and they fly away. This happens at night, I have noticed that these threats have increased since I made the parody of the first lady “he remarked.

“These threats are against my integrity, my life. They tell me that I am already dead, they have messed with my family. In my family there are no ministers, congressmen or public officials. They do not handle State money, we are ordinary people “he added.

Finally, Carlos Alvarez He assured that he will not stop imitating Pedro Castillo’s wife, despite everything they tell him. “I am going to continue with the imitation of the first lady, now more relatives are involved. I just want to express my point of view with humor. And I will continue to do it every Saturday in ‘The Humor Vaccine’, at 10:20 pm on Willax Tv”.


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Carlos Álvarez denounces adjustment after parody of Lilia Paredes: “there is an unfortunate intolerance”