Casio Spain accounts on Twitter are false

You traded a Rolex for a Casio,
you go ‘accelerao’, go slowly…

Four days ago the music producer bizarre released his 53rd session on YouTube with Shakira. A subject in which the Colombian artist has materialized her emotional situation after the dissolution of her marriage with the soccer player Gerard Piqué and that has monopolized the social conversation at a global level in recent days. It could be said that the song, that she accumulates already 122 million views on the Google platform, it has unleashed the perfect storm in terms of visibility for the two watch firms -as well as for the car makers Ferrari and Renault-, but it is also showing the dark side of viral phenomena.

Fake accounts have tried to seek notoriety by joining the conversation

And it is that since the launch of the song during the early hours of last Thursday, you will have been able to read in Twitter hundreds of messages from Casio related to the lyrics of the session, as well as the controversy and the commotion caused by it. However, these were not publications made by the company’s Spanish subsidiary, but by fake accounts or parody accounts who, taking advantage of the momentum, have tried to seek notoriety by being part of the conversation.

Casio’s account in the microblogging network is that of the US office, while the Spanish account lacks an official Twitter profile. Instead, it does have a official and verified profile on Instagram -casiorelojes_es-where in the last hours he has launched a statement through stories in which he points out that the messages and Twitter accounts that have gone viral these days are false, and in which he has recalled the importance of verifying the sources of information .

We make this statement to announce that multiple accounts are appearing on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok posing as an official Casio medium”, the brand has indicated in the first story, pointing out that in the successive ones the false accounts that are posting unofficial messages, like @CasioTeam, @RelojesCasio, @Castrio_Ofi, @casio_mex, @CasioOficial, @Casio_Oficial. In this regard, the brand has indicated that no statement or message published on these accounts is official and that it will report more as it has more information.

At Reason Why we have contacted Casio Spain to find out their assessment of the situation, and this news will be updated with their comments.

As can be seen, the handle of some of the accounts mentioned have misspelled the name Of the brand; in others, the description of the account indicates that it is a parody account; and in others it can be seen that the creation date of the profile coincides with the day of the launch of the Bizarrap session with Shakira. However, the similarity of the visual appearance of those branded accounts – all of which feature the Casio logo as their profile image; It could have been the reason that has led hundreds of Twitter users to take them for official and true.

In reason.why we are surprised by the fact that some media they have taken them as official to publish news and articles seeking, perhaps, to make money instead of informing their audiences; or that some professionals have shared them on LinkedIn, attributing them to be true.

This, in addition, is added to the fact that Casio Spain does not have its official profiles linked on its corporate website and that it has taken four days to clarify the situation and pronounce on impersonations through his official Instagram account. This, which might have helped to reduce confusion, may have exacerbated a impact on your reputation which already seems hopeless, judging by some of the disrespectful and lacking messages that have been launched from those accounts. Some, for example, have commented “We may not be a Rolex, but at least they haven’t left us for Clara Chía”.

Until the statement published a few hours ago, la response from the official account of Casio Spain came the day after the song’s release. In a humorous tone, she posted a photo of one of her waterproof watches, with the message “We love to get splashed by this”. A communication that has earned the applause of a large part of its audience, including Bizarrap himself.

As stated by Twitter in its Help Center, the identity fraud is a violation of the Twitter Rules, and any account that pretends to be another person, group, or organization for the purpose of misleading or misleading may be permanently suspended in accordance with the Misleading and Misleading Identities policy. error. It is possible to report this type of situation, whether it is the person or brand whose identity has been impersonated, or if there is a perception that a hill is misusing an identity.

Casio Spain accounts on Twitter are false