‘Christ and the King’: the story of love and mistreatment between the tamer and the muse of uncovering

The life of Barbara Rey It has run between the first works in the cinema of the uncovering of a post-Franco Spain that began to shake off the taboos to her career as a feather and sequin starlet to end up being co-owner of a circus after crossing paths in her life angel christthe owner of the Russian Circus, in which he was also its famous tamer.

And from that moment, four decades ago, in which her life took a turn when she found in him a love that –accustomed to being feted by very important men, among whom stood out Juan Carlos I, the then King– believed sincerely, part of the ‘Christ and King’ series, which opens this Sunday, 15, Atresplayer Premium, the Atresmedia payment platform. Fiction will end up being released after a while open on Antena 3.

The production of Daniel Ecijacreator of hits such as ‘Los Serrano’, ‘Periodistas’ and ‘Estoy vivo’, among others, which stars Jaime Lorente (‘The Paper House’, ‘El Cid’) and Belen Cuesta (‘La llamada’, ‘La Casa de Papel’, shows that Spain of the 80s, in which it was considered as muse of the uncover she met the tamer, whose circus business was in a slump, which she helped revitalize. Barbara fell in love with the man, but also with the circus.

running away from parody

The actors bear a certain physical resemblance to the main characters (Lorente is more stylized than Cristo, but he gives him that cocky/cani look that gave Denver’s character so well in the series of robbers with country names, while Cuesta, with the platinum wig and her endless legs are very reminiscent of Rey), but they have not wanted to imitate them to avoid parody. “There is only a little construction of the back, which was a bit ‘fucking up’ & rdquor ;, says the actor. The actress, for her part, assures that she only noticed Bárbara de his public appearances, since he was more interested in “her personal life and her internal plane than everything physical & rdquor ;. She even dismissed imitating Rey’s trademark raspy voice.

The relationship of the vedet with Juan Carlos I, which she defends having lived and of which she claims to have proof, appears from the first chapter. And not as a reference, but she has her own interpreter, Christopher Suarez. “In this story, which is the love story between the two, other characters who were around during these years appear. And one was him& rdquor ;, recalls Cuesta. Among these characters are protagonists of the pink chronicle such as the journalist Chelo García Cortés (Adriana Torrebejano) the bullfighter Paquirri (Jesús Castro), in addition to the aforementioned Juan Carlos I. The cast also includes the actors Artur Busquest, José Milán, Chema Adeva and Belén Ponce de León, among others.

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And this love story, which despite being real, has elements of fiction, is told from the happy moments that led to their fleeting courtship and their media wedding, to the millionaire business in the circus that they both ran and the birth of their two children, Sofía and Ángel. But also from the darker side of him: drugs, gambling, infidelity and the mistreatment suffered by the actress. “This is also told: how a woman who was free and transgressive was mistreated and how society judged her and blamed her a little for that,” explains Cuesta. Barbara Rey is happy with the result. She is happy to reign again.

‘Christ and the King’: the story of love and mistreatment between the tamer and the muse of uncovering