‘Christmas hit’, critic: we don’t care about clichés if they are with Lindsay Lohan

Netflix opened the Christmas season. That part of the year in which the festivities are imposed in any area of ​​life and the platforms of streaming they do not escape this. Although it is a time that is lived in different ways, the American film industry has sown part of its tradition to the point of turning it into stereotypes and commonplaces. christmas all at oncestarring Lindsay Lohan.

It is a romantic comedy who has no other aspiration than to let himself go for a while. It seems designed for those days of hangover and exhaustion in which, rather than auteur films, something is needed that encourages easy laughter, that accompanies and does not clash with the moment. There are production houses that bet on love stories and others on relatives. In christmas all at once there is a bit of both, but predominance of the first.

It is a production that, in this quest, does not spend much time presenting characters, but rather representing different current stereotypes. That is why you can see the millionaire indifferent to small projects –but with spirit–, the wealthy girl who seems –and is– incapable of preparing her own breakfast or the arrogant subject and addicted to social networks. In opposition to these characters, another one who maintains a low profile, close to people and who is not suspected of having an Instagram account.

Lindsay Lohan’s memory

It is another of the actresses overwhelmed by the commercial dynamics of the film industry. A kind of maelstrom in which you live all the time like Hannah Montana or break with that profile to impose yourself like Miley Cyrus. Lindsay Lohan may have been left in a kind of limbo. Neither her musical career nor her acting career have had great successes, nor has her figure, in symbolic terms, prevailed among so many.

Regardless of how much personal decisions influenced his career, the result is this. one who in christmas all at oncethrough its interpretation as Saw Belmont, is clearly reflected. The actress represents a name with more past than present; a wink from netflix to the fans who grew up with her and who still remember part of her career and emotional range.

His performance in christmas all at once could be seen as a kind of collage of all that. The elegant and attractive female figure, haughty at first, which later becomes a much more horizontal, close person, after an accident. Several of the interpreter’s faces appear on that trip, to confirm that this production is a small project that wants to bring a particular figure closer to a specific audience.


christmas all at once

Lindsay Lohan leads a production that tries to approach the Christmas classics, but fails. On that trip, he brings together different interesting ideas, others repeated, and composes an irregular story. The protagonist of it is subject to these types of decisions. It may be a story designed for her followers.
A gesture of Netflix nostalgia framed in a festive context.

christmas all at once
and the contrast between characters

To achieve the above, the history of christmas all at once features Tad, played by George Youngand Jake, embodied by Chord Overstreet. While one is obsessed with the image of him, the other is more interested in maintaining a cabin trip that at Christmas lends itself to skiing and disconnecting. When Tad is looking at the phone screen, Jake is looking for props so that his business doesn’t get crushed by other business emporiums. The opposition between the roles invites us to think that this comedy is sometimes a parody of different issues.

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The opposite face to the previous one is that it could be a criticism. But the artificiality of the representation means that this idea is discarded. In the case of Tad, everything seems exaggerated, evident, designed to make people uncomfortable, to the point that it seems overreacted. Jake too, but his behavior is less intrusive. Lindsay Lohan’s character is engaged to one, but the other represents – as the story suggests – a better life.

Then, it is proposed that a female character evolves through the male figures that surround her. The message is timeless and the realization is not convincing. christmas all at once It is based on a long tradition of films in which this type of question works, on a wide series of references, traditions and clichés that, grouped together, do not generate a new experience or serve as a tribute to other productions of this style.

‘Christmas hit’, critic: we don’t care about clichés if they are with Lindsay Lohan