On the occasion of Documentary Film Month, Les Allumeurs des toiles proposed, Thursday, November 10, at the Casino cinema, the screening of the documentary film Melody Parkinson followed by a debate in the presence of its director Nathalie Joyeux.

Chantal, a college music teacher, has Parkinson’s disease. “Despite some embarrassment at the start, she wanted to give her testimony, I offered to expose her illness, which she accepted”, specifies Nathalie Joyeux.

A positive personality

A neurodegenerative condition with various symptoms (tremors, stiffness, etc.), Parkinson’s disease can be treated but not completely cured. However, the main subject here is not the disease, but the way Chantal perceives it and lives with it.

The tone of the film engenders neither despair nor commiseration, quite the contrary. Thanks to Chantal’s positive personality and the subtle work of the director, who was able to both respect the will of her character and make sure not to offend the spectators concerned by this pathology, the result is a cheerful and moving work. where the complicity between the filmmaker and her character shines through.

Chantal is of course aware of the seriousness and the evolving nature of her illness, but she is a fighter with a positive and cheerful character who likes to share.

His hand is shaking, so what? She plans, to “taste life” according to her expression, to start singing, knowing that even her voice can also deteriorate. A philosophy which takes into account the brevity of life and which will have an influence on the orientation of one of her daughters towards dance, which she loves more than anything. And even on the director, who recognizes: “This meeting also changed my own outlook on life”.

A great life lesson

Thanks to a longer shooting time than expected, she injected, with the complicity of Chantal, her students and her colleagues, playful and humorous scenes such as the one where Chantal is attacked by hands that offer her a multitude of remedies, a miracle molecule, massages… In the style of a musical, the film also ends in joy where she dances and sings, with her students, a song for which she composed the music and for which the lyrics were written by Nathalie Joyeux from the professor’s retirement speech. A beautiful and moving lesson in life, where the joy of all participants is evident.

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Clamecy – Living better with Parkinson’s disease