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The four volumes of “U4”, novels respectively signed Yves Grevet, Florence Hinckel, Carole Trébor and Vincent Villeminot, told the same events seen by a different protagonist, teenagers survivors of a global pandemic, all at the expert level in the same game. online, called by a certain Khronos to gather in Paris to find a solution. Screenwriters Pierre-Paul Renders and Denis Lapière have taken over this post-apocalyptic bestseller. Four volumes drawn by the Madrilenian Adrián Huelva, taking up the original concept, were published simultaneously a few months ago. This last title, “Khronos”, brings together the four narrative lines for a breathless finale.

“U4” T5, “Khronos”, by Renders, Lapière and Huelva, 140 p. €14.50.

The world upside down

Funny things happen at Fourmille Gratule. By accepting the inheritance of a distant aunt, she finds herself propelled to Ekhö, an alternate version of the earth without technology, but with a colorful bestiary. Above all, she inherits her gift of welcoming the souls of murdered people into her. She then leads the investigation… The creator of “Lanfeust”, Christophe Arleston, has fun with these eccentric stories that take his sexy heroine to emblematic regions of Ekhö, here Mexico City, a distorted reflection of our reality. A sparkling series beautifully served by the design of Alessandro Barbucci (“Sky Doll”) and the colors of Nolwenn Lebreton. One of the best entertainment of the moment.

“Ekhö, mirror world”, T11, “Hot Tabaaasco! by Arleston and Barbucci. Ed. Sun. 56 p. €14.95

hell after iron


A world devastated by “The Rust”, an agent dissolving all that is iron, uncontrolled genetic mutations and ruthless clan wars… This is the backdrop of the “Conveyor”, a science fiction series whose developments keep taking the reader the wrong way. This nameless man imposes himself in this wild universe by making his deliveries whatever the price, only one condition being required, to swallow the egg he gives you… Nothing is obviously what it seems to be in this devious story, the plot concocted by Tristan Roulot changing direction as the true nature of the character is revealed. Brutal and stunning, captivated by the realistic line of Dimitri Armand.

“The Conveyor” T3, “These darknesses that bind us”, by Armand and Roulot. The Lombard. 56 p. €14.75

Watch out Parody!


“This is not an Asterix album”. The warning is not in vain, both editorially, commercially and legally. ” By Toutatis ! is indeed a parody, which sees Lapinot, Lewis Trondheim’s favorite character, sent by a sleight of hand in the skin of Asterix, in the comic book universe of Goscinny and Uderzo. However, the album is not to be put in everyone’s hands, since in this “reality”, when you are struck by a super-strong being, you super-die… Trondheim, master of provocation, happily goes on valves and fights in a colorful album, a subtle balance between respect and transgression.

“The New Adventures of Lapinot” T6, “By Toutatis! by Lewis Trondheim. The Association. 48 p., €14.

Matisse in Morocco


1912. When Henri Matisse finally goes to Morocco to discover the Orient in the footsteps of Loti and Delacroix, he must be disillusioned. It’s raining in Tangier… He then asks a young woman to come and pose for him. Zorah tells him, between two brush strokes, tales from her country, “1001 nights” style. But the relationship that is established between the two is not the one we think… Fabien Grolleau, inspired by an episode in the painter’s life, will look for the story behind the story, exposing a reality bitter behind the colonialist clichés and the fantasies of orientalism, carried by the inspired line of Abdel de Bruxelles.

“Tangier under the rain”, by Fabien Grolleau and Abdel de Bruxelles. Dargaud. 120 p. €21.

love above all


Mia is an apprentice dancer in crisis of confidence, her father Gianni a gay café owner fleeing love, her grandmother Elsa a fiery artist recovering from cancer. The tumor reappeared, the latter refused treatment, preferring to leave Venice to return to her native village, to a first love. Dragging his alarmed son and granddaughter in his wake… The three will find each other again, learn to accept themselves, to face the inevitable. Signed by the Italian Giulio Macaione, to whom we already owed the beautiful “Basilicò”, “Sirocco” is a gentle and sensitive cathartic story, an ode to life as it should be lived. Fully…

“Sirocco” by Giulio Macaione. Ankama. 208p. €19.90.

samurai robots


Are robots the future of humans? In the distant future, on the surface of land that was no longer supposed to be livable, a boy is rescued by the more or less working samurai robots of a Japanese park, who protect him from his pursuers. The latter unleash against them drones and combat robots to try to get their hands on the one they call “the rightful claimant”. A beautiful story about friendship, courage and learning, but also about the honor of the warrior, with sometimes bloody battles staged in an ultra-dynamic way by an author under manga influence. An extension is available in webtoon format on the site

“Yojimbot”, T 1 & 2, by Sylvain Repos. Dargaud. 160p. €16.50 each.

Small treatise on Vikingism


Forget the bloody flights of “Vikings” Netflix sauce. Those of the Lupano brothers – Wilfrid, screenwriter of “Vieux Fourneaux” and Rodolphe, alias Ohazar – rather resemble an army of broken arms. Loud mouths carried on the drink, leaving to kill and plunder without really succeeding, to the great pleasure of their wives delighted to have a little peace once a year. This year, moreover, the village chief is taking his son for training. And it’s not won… The two Palois have a great time in this biting parody cut into half-board strips, in a more historical vein but just as offbeat as those of the classic “Hägar Dünor” by Dick Browne. We ask for more.

“Vikings in the mist”, T1, by Wilfrid Lupano and Ohazar. Dargaud. 64p. €13.

The power of storytelling


Tiên is a young boy stuck between two cultures, American and Vietnamese. He has feelings for the boys, especially for a friend, without daring to tell him about it. No more than his parents… Fortunately, there are stories. And their ability to convey messages stronger than anything. Trung Le Nguyen, signs with “The Magic Fish” a bittersweet chronicle full of hope, on the difficulty, when one feels different, to find his place between the societal injunctions of all sides. His story in three narrative lines – the story of Tien, that of his mother, that of the tale – allows him to accompany his character with sensitivity and gentleness. An ode to tolerance.

“The Magic Fish” by Trunh Le Nguyen. Ankama. 248p. €19.90.

Childhoods destroyed


Don’t be fooled by the cover. “Chartwell Manor” is not yet another avatar ofHarry Potter”. And above all, the place evoked, very real, has an English manor only in name. He is referring in this case to the private school in which the author of this autobiographical story, Glenn Head, spent part of his childhood in the early 1970s. An establishment whose director, a manipulative tyrant, s turned out to be a predatory pedophile. Having become a comic book author, working in the underground press, Head recounts this traumatic episode head-on, without evading any of its consequences. A striking introspection.

“The Manor of Chartwell”, by Glenn Head, ed. Delcourt. 240p. €27.95.

A youth of the 1968s


1968. Events. Some go to the barricades. Jean-Jean’s mother decides for her part to take the car and flee Paris with her three children, towards Beaujolais, in which she has her roots. Funny character, “the Mother”, irascible, Gaullist to the end of her nails, her eternal cigarette in her mouth, always driving despite her wooden leg… Jean-Jean fears her and venerates her. This trip will be an opportunity for the young boy to get to know this woman to whom he is so close and yet so distant, to get closer to her while he himself transgresses a taboo, learning to appreciate this character shaped by war. . A nice story signed by two authors from Bordeaux.

Comics: parody, science fiction, slices of life… 11 albums selected by