Controversy over a parody of a song by Karol G with which they invite you to vote for Gustavo Petro

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The proposal of the candidate for the presidency of Colombia for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro, to invite people to receive money in exchange for voting for other candidates but electing him, taking advantage of the current system of manual and secret voting, is not new. .

The left-wing politician has said it several times in his escapades. The speech he gave last March from Manizales, days before the legislative elections, is well remembered:

“Don’t choose the murderer of your children, don’t choose the thief who takes the food of the children, the food of the people. Do not elect the regime of corruption anymore, do not sell the vote. If you are going to want those 50 thousand pesos, take them: buy meat, buy eggs if you can, buy the market the other day if it’s enough, but vote for Petro”.

The same message has been spread through tweets, videos and songs. For example, on the night of last Wednesday, May 11, Senators Roy Barreras and Armando Benedetti published a curious video through their Twitter account. In this, a version of the successful song MAMIII is played, originally performed by the singers Becky G and Karol G, and composed by both together with Elena Rose and Daniel Echavarría Oviedo.

Nevertheless, they changed the lyrics to this songwhich ranked first on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, to accompany Petro’s proselytizing message. Some verses say “if you are selling the vote, take the money and vote for the one you like / knock down the money, just as they have knocked down the whole country / knock them down without fear, do not eat them up and vote for Petro” .

the voice that sounds has a register and vocal style similar to that of paisa superstar Carolina Giraldo, in addition to showing clips of her as if she were “singing” the adulterated lyrics. In addition, the video shows news screenshots with the flat sides of the Duque government, along with various memes.

Although Roy Barreras has already deleted the video from his account, Benedetti still retains the trill that says “To the rhythm of Karol G, vote for @petrogustavo.” In it, several people have reacted to the possible implications that this parody could bring to the campaign or to the politicians who shared the video.

Criticism came from both critics and supporters of Gustavo Petro’s campaign.

“@karolg They are using your image for this. I don’t think you authorized it.” —@marianacastroe8

“Mr @AABenedetti this is not legal and you know it. We are going to vote for Petro, but you can’t afford to give papaya like Daniel Quintero did. Take that away, for everyone’s sake.” —@johnnycortes

“Hey Benedetti! There is a huge difference in saying: To the rhythm of THE PARODIA of Karol G to “To the rhythm of Karol G”, Don’t involve it, it can be expensive. Or is she #HistoricCovenant ? Because you already know how the paisas stick to everything to destroy us.” —@tinaduque2015

At the moment, the reggaeton artist has not commented on the use of her image and her musical composition for electoral purposes. If the campaign was not authorized to make alterations to the song or to use Karol G’s image, they could face legal consequences.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that musical parodies have been created to support Gustavo Petro’s campaigns. The case of the Bazurto All Stars champeta company, which composed the song pupil and then found a version of the tune with proselytizing lyrics. The composers sued without much success.

Another case is that of the successful song Macta arrivesby Toxi Costeña with DJ Dever, which was also covered and is constantly reproduced in Gustavo Petro’s raids along the Colombian Caribbean coast.


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Controversy over a parody of a song by Karol G with which they invite you to vote for Gustavo Petro