Côte d’Ivoire: After enlistment, at the end of this operation, the PDCI

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Bredoumy Soumailaspokesperson for the PDCI-RDA (DR)

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) organized from November 19 to December 20, 2022 throughout the national territory, the Revision of the List Electoral (RLE).

At the end of this operation, the PDCI-RDA made the following observations:

• Firstly, the operation did not meet with great enthusiasm because of the lack of information among the populations of rural areas. In fact, in certain departments and sub-prefectures, the territorial administration has been very little involved in local information to make the population aware of the importance of the electoral census and of compliance with the procedures laid down by the IEC.

Moreover, although relayed by traditional communication channels and social networks, communication was not effective in the villages and camps.

• Secondly, we have been able to observe mass movements of voters skilfully prepared and implemented on a large scale. This phenomenon of transhumance electoral manifested in three forms, namely:

The registration of displaced voters:

• from villages and camps to polling places in certain municipalities;

• from polling stations in their department of origin to other departments;

• from polling places in their region of origin to other regions.

The residence certificate, the document required for the change of voting place, is individual and requires the presence of the applicant. However, on the ground, we have witnessed mass requests without the presentation of the applicants themselves and this, in defiance of the clause of six (06) months of residence.

This phenomenon constitutes a denial of democracy and translates a manifest desire to manipulate the populations in the free choice of the rulers of their cities and their regions.

transhumance electoral is therefore a planned election theft and a serious violation of our constitution. By its immorality, its iniquity and its illegality, it falsifies the rules of the democratic game and weakens the legitimacy of the “elected”.

• Thirdly, one can also note the surprising acts of a discriminatory nature observed in certain courts where, to obtain the certificate of nationality, mention is made of political affiliation on the registration slip. In addition, requests for nationality certificates submitted by our focal points were not processed, or when they were, their delivery was made on the last day of the operation, making enrollment impossible within the time limit. As a result, many Ivorians have been deprived of the possibility of registering on the list. electoral.

• Fourthly, there is the spontaneous and exponential increase in the number of new Ivorians who have become voters under conditions that are opaque to say the least, particularly in certain communes.

• Fifthly, online registrations are not the subject of any communication, thus opening the door to any manipulation.

From the foregoing, the PDCI-RDA deduces that the ingredients are gathered for a next social explosion, in our country, of which the elections are the recurring source.

First, the phenomenon of transhumance electoral undeniably led to clashes between the populations during the days electorals, some refusing the arrival or departure by convoys of voters who divert the choice of others.

Then, the skilfully orchestrated organization of registration on the list electoral voters, naturalized under unexplained conditions, is likely to destroy our social fabric already weakened by the many crises that we have gone through for more than twenty years. It fuels distrust of all those who live regularly in our country and have chosen Ivorian nationality of their own free will.

As we can see, this electoral registration process ended up calling into question the impartiality as well as the republican spirit of certain services within certain institutions of our country.

Faced with all its findings with serious consequences for the life of our nation, the PDCI-RDA asks:

1. The pure and simple cancellation of all changes of polling places except for the specific cases of voters who themselves confirm their change of place of residence with supporting documents.

• The justification by IEC of all population increases electorals that led to the creation of some polling stations inspired by voter registrations.

• The strengthening of local information to all populations, in order to best exploit the electoral potential by encouraging regular registration on the list electoral.

• The joint publication of the lists electorals of 2020 and 2022 in all polling places, in order to facilitate comparative study during the litigation period.

• The separate publication of online registrants to allow a good assessment of the relevance of this new instrument

• The separation of the process of establishing administrative documents from that of enrolment.

The PDCI-RDA would like once again to challenge the government, national and international opinion on the need for the audit of the list electoral in order to strengthen the credibility of the Independent Electoral Commission and prevent our country from further chaos.

The PDCI-RDA appeals to the responsibility of all Ivorian men and women and to their civic duty to denounce, in any part of the national territory, the abuses observed during the Revision of the List Election.

Donatien Kautcha, Abidjan

By Koaci

Côte d’Ivoire: After enlistment, at the end of this operation, the PDCI-RDA makes the following observations – KOACI