Creation of the Center for the Arts of Speech, the CAP

Founded this year in Aubervilliers by the director, playwright and writer Gérald Garutti, the Center des Arts de la Parole is the first instance entirely dedicated to the arts of the spoken word. It has for mission to (re)create links and bring society together around a fairer word and more human, and for vocation to train, transform, radiate and gather but also overcome all violence to reconcile society.

The Center for the Arts of the Word was born from an observation: we talk more and more, we talk to each other less and less. Never has humanity spoken so much. Everyone speaks. But do we listen to each other? You have to see how we talk to each other: more and more badly. Speech is often meaningless and full of violence. She is degraded. We experience it every day, in the street, at school, at work, in the media, in companies, in assemblies, on the Internet, on social networks.
I founded the Center des Arts de la Parole with this essential mission: to talk to each other rather than killing each other – talking to each other to connect. A very topical issue since today speech degenerate. We confuse debate with combat, dialogue with the destruction of the other. explains Gérald Garutti

Yet, while the spoken word is unleashed, speaking in public is still just as scary. As for collective speech, it has become almost impossible. Faced with this triple crisis of speech – degradation, fear, atomization – how can we find fair and responsible speech? How to overcome the loss of attention and the culture of humiliation? How to learn to overcome violence, to master one’s speech, to listen?

An artistic solution to a civic problem

The Center for the Arts of the Word aims to answer these questions. It constitutes a unique and unprecedented proposal, both in terms of its vision and its approach and its aim. He mobilizes art as a vital solution to a crucial crisis. Both artistic and citizen, the CAP provides an original, global and lasting response to the degradation of speech. He acts to change the way we speak to each other, to speak justly. It aims to question and transform our relationship to speech to make it a sensible, responsible, relevant and effective act, on an individual and collective scale. It thus promotes individual surpassing and constructive interactions within society. Francophone and multilingual, with a national and international vocation, it intervenes in all territories, in person and on the Internet, in order to carry the word in the strong sense.

A unifying vocation: the three fields of action of the CAP

The CAP is aimed at all audiences and all components of society: citizens, communities, institutions, businesses, associations. For them, it creates artistic events, makes resources available and offers suitable training courses.

  • Artistic creations to live the scene of the word: a traveling festival “the Odysseys of the word”, “Spokesperson” workshops, “Words and music” tales, conferences and dialogues, show-debates, a Annual festival “For an ecology of speech”.
  • Publications to understand the issues of speech: in partnership with the Actes Sud editions, Gérald Garutti’s Speech Manifesto will be published on January 18, 2023 and the “Arts of Speech” collection will be launched at the end of 2023. Will be launched in March 2023 a podcast channel, Parlers, and in September 2023 an annual review, Champs de Parole.
  • Training to learn to master the power of speech: structural training courses “Words in action”, tailor-made training, advice to associations, institutions, companies… To learn how to structure yourself, express yourself, listen to yourself, speak honestly.

A unique conception: the 7 arts of speech

The CAP defines as the 7 arts of speech theater, storytelling and poetry (arts of creation), eloquence and the conference (arts of transmission), dialogue and debate (arts of interaction) . It thus brings together the essential arts of orality that have been dissociated until now. He proposes them as the 7 pillars of the word, those that found it in all its meaning and all its power. He mobilizes them like arts of collective construction that make it possible to sublimate the word to overcome violence.

In the design of the CAP, Gérald Garutti thus concentrates 30 years of experience in creation, reflection and transmission on speech. He pools all the dimensions that he has developed over the course of his career: dramaturgy, staging, writing, translation, teaching, debates of ideas, international experiences, intellectual productions, civic commitments, artistic dialogues, media interventions. . He surrounds himself with a team of talents from multiple backgrounds, spoken word artists, actors in the field, committed managers, in France and abroad.

A Council of personalities and national partners are committed to the CAP

The Center for the Arts of the Word has a Council today made up of 21 personalities from the world of art, culture and education: Éliette Abécassis, Hakim Bah, Fabrice Bakhouche, Anne-Sylvie Bameule, Karol Beffa, Alice d’Andigné, Fianso / Sofiane Zermani, Cynthia Fleury, Laurence Engel, Raymond Geuss, Frédéric Gros, Arthur H, Ismaël Jude, Jacques Martial, Hind Meddeb, Mathieu Potte-Bonneville, Lubomira Rochet, Odile Sankara, Valérie Senghor, Jean- Pierre Simeon and Kouam Tawa.
Each personality is involved in the approach and actions of the CAP.

The CAP brings together public, private, institutional, associative, cultural and citizen partners, including the City of Aubervilliers, the Île-de-France Region, the Actes Sud editions, the National Book Center, the Cité internationale de la langue française , the Samu Social de Paris, La Criée – National Theater of Marseille, the Théâtre de la Cité internationale, the mission-based company Botanic, the Luciole agency, the association Villes des Musiques du Monde. With the CAP, they share the mission of recreating the link with speech and developing common programs around the arts of speech.

With their support, the Center des Arts de la Parole invites the public as well as institutional, economic and associative actors to participate in the actions it deploys in all territories in order to promote speech together.

Gérald Garutti, director, playwright and writer

From Shakespeare to Romain Gary and Dostoyevsky, he is a text smuggler. Among his 45 shows are Little eulogy of the nighta poetic journey with Pierre Richard, at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris. Lorenzaccio, epic on freedom with 30 actors, at the National Theater of Marseille La Criée. The Basement Notebooks, an odyssey of genius and madness with Harry Lloyd, actor of Game of Thrones, show which inaugurates the Coronet Theater in London.
And also works of which he is the author, such as Haïm – in the light of a violin, the story of a man who survived Auschwitz thanks to his violin, a creation taken on international tour and published by Robert Laffont editions .

Mathieu Kassovitz

For twenty years, Gérald Garutti has directed international actors, in French and in English, such as Mathieu Kassovitz, Denis Lavant, Audrey Fleurot, Anouk Grinberg, Natacha Régnier, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Mélanie Doutey, Paul Anderson, Rachael Stirling, George Blagden.

Gérald Garutti is one of the few French directors to create shows in London, notably at the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company and at the Theater Royal Haymarket. In 2018, in the midst of Brexit, he created Tartuffe in a bilingual version on the royal stage, in the heart of London – a totally unprecedented phenomenon –, with an adaptation by Christopher Hampton and an international distribution. Gérald Garutti poses as an issue the resistance to the fascination of fanaticism.

For five years he was dramaturg of the TNP (Théâtre National Populaire) on 15 shows, several times awarded at the Molières. He created La Fabrique des Idées, for which he designed and moderated the debates. Since 2005 he has directed the company Characteres. Gérald Garutti translates Shakespeare and Tom Stoppard. He is the author of plays, stories and essays. In January 2023, he publishes with Actes Sud editions his Manifesto for speech, Being of speech.

For twenty years, Gérald Garutti has been a knowledge broker. He teaches in Anglo-Saxon universities (Cambridge, Chicago) and French Grandes Ecoles such as Ensatt. Lecturer at Sciences Po, he regularly speaks in institutions, companies and associations. He thus has to his credit 500 conferences in 40 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Normalien, graduate of letters, doctor in literature and philosophy, graduated from Cambridge and Sciences Po, he trained in theater at Cours Simon in Paris and at the ADC Theater in the United Kingdom. His masters are Laurent Terzieff, Michel Bouquet, Ian Mckellen and Raymond Geuss.

In 2022, he founded the Center des Arts de la Parole where he concentrates thirty years of creation, reflection and transmission on the word.

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Creation of the Center for the Arts of Speech, the CAP