Criticism of The Book of Love: The telenovela that wants to be a feminist

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the book of love

The novel by the young English writer Henry Cooper is a true sales failure. But when his book becomes a sleeper hit in Mexico, his publicist urges him to travel there for a promotional tour. Upon arrival, he discovers the reason for the popularity of his novel: the Mexican translator María has rewritten his boring story as a torrid erotic novel. He is very furious, but as tempers flare and sparks start to fly, the two begin to find love and lust in spite of themselves.

the book of love It is directed by Analeine Cal and Major and performed by Sam Claflin, Veronica Echegui Y Horace Garcia Rojas. The film opens in theaters on January 13, 2023 from the hand of Flins and Pinicles.

a misunderstood book

the book of love it is based on misunderstandings. To begin with, the original book that the protagonist has written, “A sensible heart”, should be translated as “Sensible heart”. That is why it is better understood, despite its twisted and bland prose, the fragment that the author reads at the beginning of the film, a calm, calm, stupefied, almost absent love. And, to be honest, there is little desire to read that book, which surely would never have passed through a publisher’s filter. But suddenly, the news arrives that it is selling well in Mexico. But of course, there is something strange. The cover is colored, a kind of adult version of Corín Tellado’s ranch version novels. The very title of the book, translated as “A sensitive heart”, is in the antipodes of the initial intention of the author.

The writer travels with his translator on tour and, little by little, discovers that this is not his book, that it has been changed. From there, the topics accumulate on the screen. In good love and company, the Englishman advocates good sense, the Mexican for passion, love can do anything, Mexicans are exaggerated and in England it rains. There is no shortage of indigenous people with pre-Columbian costumes, which we suppose have been placed in honor of the honorable guests.

Between homage and parody

Some ideas more in line with the signs of the times are built on this very classic framework. The writer assumes that it was translated by a man, and is surprised when he sees that she is a beautiful young woman. Maria is strong and she takes her family forward, and she has all kinds of hidden talents. Her ex-husband doesn’t own her, and she makes it clear.

A bit of humor helps to convey the story better, and in fact certain scenes move between homage and parody, as in the denouement with a jealous ex-husband, the Englishman who doesn’t find out and the maid in distress to the rescue. Almost the best thing about the film is the description of his favorite soap opera in English, and we are put all the clichés one after the other.

You certainly can’t blame a rom-com for being romantic and having a humorous undertone, so viewers who choose to watch it know what they’re going to find and will surely leave satisfied with a smile on their faces. It is a nice and correct viewing, and it is a pleasure to see the beautiful landscapes of Mexico.

the book of love It is a romantic comedy that from the beginning is delivered without complexes to its concept, a sum of clichés and humor that is as harmless as it is forgettable.

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the book of love

Criticism of The Book of Love: The telenovela that wants to be a feminist