Crossed chimes: cameo by Ibai Llanos on La 1, Igartiburu on Twitch and Cristina Pedroche at everyone’s house

This year there have been bells in the television universe to heat the expectation of those at Puerta del Sol. The most notorious: that Anne Igartiburu, star of New Year’s Eve on La 1 during the previous 17 years! change balcony and what to Antena 3 marketing and the intrigue to see Cristina Pedroche’s dress will add the pregnancy exclusive of the presenter. These have been some of the moments of television New Year’s Eve in the main broadcasts:

The tradition of Pedroche’s dress

There are those who do not follow the chimes on Antena 3 but that does not mean they escape running into Cristina Pedroche’s “dress thing” at some point. Either you look at it in a quick zapping or you run into it on the networks or they tell you… or you’re a ninja. Cristina Pedroche has celebrated pregnant which have been its ninth bells and after get last year to lead the audiences. If you have come this far, you have seen it on these lines, but also in this link you can read all details of her dress: from the dove of peace top to the coat made with a refugee tent.

Cristina Pedroche, with her coat made with the collaboration of Acnur and made from a refugee tent.

antenna 3

The cameo of Ibai Llanos in La 1 with José Mota

Imitation of Ibai Llanos in the José Mota program

Imitation of Ibai Llanos in the José Mota program


The traditional television offer has had competition on online platforms for years. At 27 years old, Ibai Llanos is the main content creator in Spanish on the live video platform Twitch, widely consumed by young audiences.

Become one of the most popular characters of his generation and has long been famous beyond video platforms, Llanos has appeared on La 1 to participate in José Mota’s comedy special. An Ibai who leaves the world of streaming, partly annoyed by the success of Luis Enrique on Twitch during the World Cup and that he connects to tell it in an Iker Jiménez program. “Ahora Ibai y lo cascas”, releases Jiménez-Mota covering one of his star phrases (“now you go …”). Beyond the cameo, he was imitated in another of the sketches of the program, titled this year “Sálvese quien Putin”.

Mota, meanwhile, became Messi, among other characters. A satirical review of the personalities and the political and social moments that have marked 2022 and that he has woven from a parody of “Titanic”. La Vieja del Visillo must seduce Carlos III of England (Josema Yuste) at the request of the European leaders.

Classics in modern times: Ramón García and Anne Igartiburu on Twitch

Anne Igartiburu and Ramón García, in their first connection in the Ibai Llanos New Year's Eve special.

Anne Igartiburu and Ramón García, in their first connection in the Ibai Llanos New Year’s Eve special.

Twitch Ibai Llanos

The first year that Ramón García gave the chimes -1995- was the year that Ibai Llanos was born. It has been the data slipped by Anne Igartiburu in her first intervention on Twitch, a guest on the channel of which she is the main creator of content in Spanish on the platform. Llanos -from Bilbao, like García and Igartiburu- welcomed the presenter, who was not called up by the public channel and repeat with Garcia. A more relaxed format -a less institutional balcony than when the veterans were a New Year’s couple on the public channel- in which “Ramonchu” has confessed that last year he tried to force a viral moment on New Year’s Eve 2022 with his long live el 2020.

In addition, Ibai -who has more than 12 million followers on this platform alone- had other “twitchers” guests: Cristinini (more than 3.2 million), Knekro (more than 900,000) and Ander (more than 500,000). In his broadcast, he has had an interpreter in sign language.

Last year, the streamer managed to double the previous New Year’s Eve audience, reaching 801,074 devices connected to his channel at its highest peak. Although it is far from the audience data of the big channels -which are audited in a different way- its retransmissions generate debate every year about the new live formats. And before that audience, younger than on traditional television, Ramón García has taken the opportunity to launch a message against gender violence. It has been a December of even more terrible figures than usual.

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Ramón García, against sexist violence in the Campanas de Iba:

Ana Obregón and Los Morancos, together on La 1

Ana Obregón, shining white once againhas welcomed the new year for the fifth time since La 1. “If you allow me, I’m going to give a special greeting, I can’t stop saying one thing… I know that at this moment there are 3 people who are watching me from a privileged place; they are the people I love the most in the world; my father, my mother and my son”, she said excitedly. An hour later, the Canary Islands say goodbye to 2022 from Gáldar (Gran Canaria), led by Nia, winner of Operación Triunfo, and the presenter Roberto Herrera.

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Ana Obregón presents the Campanadas 2022 on La1

bits of irony

TVE’s 2 has found a seal of identity in the Cachitos format. Before midnight, a special like karaoke and a gala inspired by performances from the 80s. And after the chimes, his classic work of entertaining by dusting off the RTVE archive and accompanying the musical clips of ironic posters.

Luis Tosar gives voice to 2022 on the news

Before José Mota’s special on La 1, the public channel’s teledario has carried out a special program with actor Luis Tosar as conductor of the summary of the year. “War. Damn word with which I will go down to posterity,” he says, giving voice to 2022.

More pairs of chimes

Risto Mejide and Mariló Montero premiered on Cuatro and Telecinco, but from Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). They took over from Paz Padilla and Carlos Sobera as presenters for Mediaset Españ.

Dani Mateo, presenter of ‘Zapeando’, repeated the chimes on La Sexta with Pardo.

The first ad of the year

On Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro and laSexta, from Coca-Cola. The spot ‘The Conductor’, a tribute to Queen in which various artists reinterpret ‘A Kind of Magic’. The last advertisement of 2022 broadcast by Antena 3 and laSexta was from Shiseido and on Cuatro and Telecinco, from Orange. On TVE’s La 1, where there is no advertising as such, a promotion has been broadcast with news of the first quarter’s programming.

More people in Sol, but not like before

Spain has celebrated this Saturday the first New Year’s Eve without restrictions after two years of pandemic. In the direct shots you could see the thousands of people gathered in Puerta del Sol. The Madrid City Council increased to 7,500 the number of people who could eat the grapes live, a capacity that is far from the 20,000 people in New Year’s Eve before the coronavirus pandemic. The area is undergoing renovation works and parts of the square were unusable.

On the lights on the façade of the Real Casa de Correos, seat of the Government of the Community of Madrid, the colors of the flag of the Community of Madrid and Spain were projected. After the end of the twelve bells, a fireworks show began -with 16 volcanic effects and stars with the colors of the flag of the Community of Madrid, as announced by the regional government.

And after the chimes of the TV, the tradition of the New Year’s concert

On January 1, at 10:00, the other television tradition of the change of year arrives. The New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra it can be followed through La 1, TVE Internacional (for Europe), Radio Nacional, Radio Clásica, and RTVE Play, commented by the journalist specialized in classical music Martín Llade.

What was seen before and after the chimes

– On Antena 3, before the grapes, Eva González and Roberto Leal were the hosts of the special “Adiós, 2022”, a channel-zapping program. And then, the karaoke program “Singing to 2023”.
– On Telecinco, before and after the grapes there was a musical special, ‘¡Viva la Fiesta en Nochevieja!’, with Jesús Vázquez and Verónica Dulanto as conductors. In four, before the chimes, a special ‘First Dates’, with the restaurant decorated in Studio 54 style.
​- On La 2, before midnight, a special like karaoke and a gala inspired by performances from the 80s. And after the chimes, his classic work of entertaining by dusting off the RTVE archive and accompanying the musical clips of ironic posters .
– On La 1, the José Mota program before the broadcast of the chimes and, as a welcome to 2023, the traditional musical gala. “Happy 2023!” the singer Chenoa, the actress and presenter Rocío Muñoz and the Colombian actor Carlos Torres counted as conductors.
– FORTA televisions will also broadcast the traditional Chimes from clocks and bell towers located in their respective locations. south channel said goodbye to the year with Alfonso Sánchez, Alberto López and Eva Ruiz. In tv3, from Barcelona with Miki Núñez and Mariona Escoda. In telemadrid, Silvia Jato and Lorenzo Caprile. In Galician Television, Arturo Fernández, Noelia Rey and Paco Lodeiro, from the Obradoiro square in Santiago de Compostela. those of iTB They went from Vitoria-Gasteiz with África Baeta, Ane Ibarzabal and ‘Txurru’.
In the Canarian Radio Television (RTVC), from San Bartolomé, in Lanzarote, with Eloísa González, Alicia Suárez, Paco Luis Quintana and Daniel Calero. In the
CMM (Middle Castilla-La Mancha), from Valdeganga (Albacete), with Mariló Leal and Carlos Macías. the 7 from Murcia, with Xuso Jones and Kika Frutos in Cartagena. In Aragon TV, Iñaki Urrutia and Blanca Liso from the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza. in the asturian APR, Anabel Santiago and Pau Santirso. In IB3Llum Barrera and David Ordinas from Plaza de Cort in Palma de Mallorca.

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Crossed chimes: cameo by Ibai Llanos on La 1, Igartiburu on Twitch and Cristina Pedroche at everyone’s house