Cyril Hanouna: tackled by Booba, he expresses himself

Booba: the rapper continues to attack Magali Berdah and many reality TV candidates. But he has a new target: Cyril Hanouna. A big clash broke out between them. We tell you everything!

The lawyers of Booba and Magali Berdah speak

For several months, Booba, accustomed to attacks on social networks, has a new fight. He denounces on social networks the business of influencers, between product placements and advertisements, and accuses them regularly “to rip off honest people”. He made Magali Berdah his preferred target. On several occasions, the latter has launched calls for help on social networks. On July 21, their respective lawyers spoke for the media Raw. The two men returned to the reasons for this media-judicial war which we have only been talking about for weeks. “Booba realized that in this system, everything is wrong. This system quickly took on a name for itself, which is Magali Berdah”explained his lawyer.

For his part, Magali Berdah’s lawyer described his client as “a Jewish woman, a self-made success woman, pilloried on social networks”. According to him, the influencer agent would receive “tens of thousands of m*rt threats, in particular of an antis*mite nature » obliging him in particular to “emergency move” after the disclosure of his address. But Booba’s lawyer does not intend to stop there. “We are going to show the public prosecutor what we understand about this system […] and we will ask everyone to assume their responsibilities. There is a system of influencers which consists of abusing people, selling them anything without any verification”.

Booba: he challenges Cyril Hanouna

A big clash broke out on social networks between the taulier of TPMP and the rapper. It all started when Fabrice Di Vizio, a famous lawyer who often intervenes on Cyril Hanouna’s set, spoke on the subject of #influencers. I am beginning to take a fairly close interest in this question and I salute the perseverance of @booba who bangs with the jackhammer on a subject in which no one would have been interested if he had not been so determined! Respect ! » did he declare.

Cyril Hanouna: tackled by Booba, he expresses himself

A user then started the publication of the lawyer: If you talk about it on TPMP defending the people, you will earn our respect thank you for sharing the cause! » And Booba reacted ironically: I’d be surprised if they talk about it @TPMP my darlings. Curious to see that anyway…”

Booba vs Hanouna: a clash breaks out

But that’s not all, in a new tweet, Booba directly challenges Cyril Hanouna (forced to stop TPMP soon?). Indeed, while Julien Courbet, host on M6 and RTL reacted to this case, Cyril Hanouna had remained silent until then. @Cyrilhanouna Well then Baba might be time to get his fingers out of his ass huh!?!!! @courbet_julien real ratpi!!! @MagaliBerdah come and chronicle the CPF scams on @TPMP great journalist that you are, with your raccoon head. » said Booba.

Shortly after the rapper’s tweet, the host of TPMP (attacked by Jazz not long ago) finally spoke: I am finishing my vacation! And I will deal with this subject from the 1st on August 29th live! T inkiet my ratpi! I have no problem with that. » Except that… this tweet visibly displeased Booba, who directly attacked the one who would be secretly in a relationship with Kelly Vedovelli:.@Cyrilhanouna it’s normal you have no choice and I’m not your ratpi far from it. Just as you are far from being a ratpi. Good try! Try again… “ He then did not hesitate to reframe it publicly:.@Cyrilhanouna stop trying to call my management, we have nothing to say. The point of no return has been crossed. The trading desk is closed. Finish what you started #commeonfaitsonlitonsecouche. » Nothing is going well, therefore, between Cyril Hanouna and Booba!

Jazz: very upset against Cyril Hanouna, she tackles him for a very specific reason!

Cyril Hanouna once again displays the alleged salaries of reality TV candidates on his show TPMP. Jazz Correia addresses him, very unhappy.

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Cyril Hanouna: tackled by Booba, he expresses himself