D23 2022: Disenchanted presents its magical trailer with the return of Amy Adams, Patrick Demsey and Idina Menzel | tomatoes

In 2007 Disney surprised its audience with the movie Enchanted – 93%, since it questioned the clichés of romantic love that the same company had propagated with its animated classics about princesses. In addition to that, it was a very entertaining story with very good songs, created by the legendary musician Alan Menkencomposer of tapes like Pocahontas – 56%, Hercules – blank83% and Aladdin – blank94%, among others. 15 years later, since Expo D23, Disney has surprised fans with the official trailer for disenchantedthe long-awaited sequel to Enchanted – blank93%.

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In this film we will see the return of Amy Adams as the innocent and lovable Princess Giselle, Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip, James Marsden as Prince Edward, and Idina Menzel as Nancy Tremaine. In the role of Morgan will no longer be Rachel Covey, actress who played her in the first film, in her place we will have Gabriella Baldacchino. The trailer teases Giselle and Robert moving into a new house, but things spiral out of control when she starts making wishes that transform the world around her.

Nice to meet you – blank93% was directed by Kevin Lima and written by Bill Kelly; the sequel is in charge of the director Adam Shankman, responsible for titles like Bulletproof Babysitter – 20% and What Men Want – %. Another of the talents that return from the first installment is the musician Alan Menkenwho in addition to composing the soundtrack acts as a producer together with Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfeld.

disenchanted will arrive exclusively on Disney Plus on November 24, and will show us what happened to the protagonists 15 years after the end of Encantada – blank93%. Giselle stayed with Robert, while Nancy went with Eduardo to the animated world of Andalasia, but this time they will go on a trip to visit their friends, and from that moment it seems that everything will get out of control.

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In addition to being a parody, Nice to meet you celebrates all those classic princess stories with happily ever after endings, and five years before Frozen: A Frozen Adventure – blank89% was praised by critics because it questions romantic love as an illusion, Nice to meet you she had already done it with great success in 2007. The first film also had Susan Sarandon in the role of Queen Narissa, but since she was definitively defeated, she is no longer in the sequel.

In Nice to meet you Princess Gisselle is sent to the real world through a portal, and what makes the plot funny and interesting is the contrast between the ideal cartoon world she inhabited, where people always have a “happily ever after”, with the streets of New York where it lands. It will be interesting to see if Disney manages to surprise like they did in 2007 or if enchanted 2 it adds to the long list of late sequels that miss their target.

Nice to meet you was nominated for a Golden Globe in the categories Best Actress – Comedy or Musical (Amy Adams) and Best Original Song (for “That’s How You Know” by Alan Menken), and the Oscar Award in the Best Song categories (for “Happy Working Song”, “So Close” and “That’s How You Know”, by Stephen Schwartz Y Alan Menken).

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D23 2022: Disenchanted presents its magical trailer with the return of Amy Adams, Patrick Demsey and Idina Menzel | tomatoes