Dany Leprince comes out of silence, his family, his loved ones, and those of his wife too

Cousins, friends, one of the sons of his wife Anie, the supporters of Dany Leprince, released from 18 years in prison for the quadruple murder of Thorigné-sur-Dué, are numerous, in Sarthe, Marmande, and elsewhere. ©Carine ROBINAULT

Dany Leprince was sentenced to life imprisonment, assigned a 22-year security sentence, for the murder of his brother Christian, his sister-in-law Brigitte and two of their three daughters, Sandra (10 years old) and Audrey (6 years old). ) – only Solène, 26 months, escaped the slaughter at the butcher’s sheet – on September 4, 1994, in Thorigné-sur-Dué (Sarthe).

However, many of them have supported him from the first hour, in his family, but also his friends, work colleagues. But also in the family ofAnie, his new wife. Some speak here.

Like Brigitte, a cousin by Dany, who immediately resituates. “My dad was his mom’s brother. “His innocence is a personal conviction from the start”. And she will be among the first people to visit him, in prison.

For his cousin, his guilt, “it’s unthinkable”

When he arrived in Fresnes, with my aunt, my uncle (note, Renée and Robert Leprince, Dany’s parents) and my mother, we went to see him because I was always convinced that it was not him. I have known my cousin for 60 years, we spent time together when we came on vacation to the countryside. It is unthinkable that he is guilty, and I will never be made to change my mind.

Brigitte, a cousin of Dany Leprince

“He was a child like everyone else, who loved football. We were playing in the fields, ”laughs the one who lives in Paris.

“I have immense respect for Dany and Anie”

More recently, but since 2010 and his arrival at Marmande all the same, Valérie is “the happiest of women”, because she “has the chance to know Dany and to rub shoulders with him for a few years every day, with Anie”.

Their meeting ? She was somewhat provoked. “We watched programs like Bring in the accused with my husband and I told him, this man, if I meet him in the street, I think I invite him for a coffee. And some time later, he told me, someone will come and you will be happy, ”recalls the southerner with the singsong accent.

My husband is a farmer and he reached out to Dany to offer him work. Little by little, he came to the house and we got to know each other.

Valérie, friend of the Leprince couple in Marmande

She is full of praise for Dany, “a great gentleman. So nice, pleasant and helpful” and about whom, “we never had any doubts. We have two sons. Out of friendship, he brought them to or picked them up from the boarding school, without anyone ever asking questions. »

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More than neighbours, the Philippot and Leprince, since the couple also frequents Anie, whom he hosted on numerous occasions “in the beginning”, are now friends. “They are reassuring, humble, and comforting. I have immense respect for these Dany and Anie. »

For Fabien, Anie’s son: “he’s not an assassin at all”

Anie, precisely, this mother, who had to announce to her children that her new companion was none other than Dany Leprince. “It has never been a problem for them. They only want my happiness,” she says.

Words corroborated by his eldest, Fabien. See his mother in the arms of Dany Leprince? “At the start, it was cold. But when we know him, we realize that he does not have at all the behavior that we want him to wear. “Dany is now his stepfather, and Fabien does not hide it.

He’s not an assassin at all.

Fabien, one of Anie Leprince’s two sons

The forties praises his kindness, his patience, and his “welcoming” side. His character traits. Quite the opposite of what some may think because of the media and his case.

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Dany Leprince comes out of silence, his family, his loved ones, and those of his wife too