David Reinoso, Víctor Aráuz and Christian Maquilón offer public apologies to Carolina Jaume for parody video: “We missed it” | People | Entertainment

The controversy that the actors carry out David Reyes, Victor Arauz Y Christian Maquilon with the TV presenter Caroline James could have an ending.

The three comedians are broadcasting in a video their public apologies to the also actress for the controversy that began last weekend, by posting in a reel (short video format for Instagram) a parody of a moment she had recently experienced.

Carolina Jaume and Allan Zenck met in a court hearing that was later suspended, what happened?

It all started when Aráuz and Maquilón (the video does not appear on Reinoso’s profile) shared a video on social networks to promote the last presentation of the Show michy and meloentitled Michy and Melo, the farewell. In the clip, the actors parody an encounter that Jaume recently experienced with her ex-partner Allan Zenck, outside a court after a suspended hearing for the custody of her youngest son.

The confrontation, recorded by several local media, shows Carolina apparently distressed and, taking advantage of the cameras of CT Television for coverage From mouth to mouthclaimed to fear for his physical integritypointing out: “I don’t want to end up like Sharon”.

These seconds were the basis for the comedians’ video. On Friday, September 2, Aráuz and Maquilón published a reel to announce new times for the latest comedy show they starred in through Saturday, September 3. In the publication, Michy, the character of Aráuz, mentions: “I am afraid, I fear for my life. I’m afraid of looking like… Like Marc Anthony, who canceled his event. I’m not going to cancel.”

Carolina Jaume is out of Ecuavisa; her colleagues from ‘In contact’ confirm her departure from the program

The reel To date, it has almost 450,000 views and more than 38,000 likes. Exactly on the weekend, Aráuz, Jaume and Catrina Tala (in charge of the production company that developed the Show) they staged an exchange of alleged accusations in the comments section, in Aráuz’s account. The actor and Jaume at the same time had supposedly published their found criteria in the Instagram stories section, but at the moment they are not available.

In the same format as reelthe actors decided to publicly apologize to Carolina Jaume.

“Due to the events of last weekend, I think it is our obligation to give due public apologies,” David started in the publication.

“For a short period of time I will take a break from my public life and the program,” says Carolina Jaume about her departure from “In Contact”

“I have believed that it is brave to show our faces and not hide, especially when we accept that we have outdone ourselves,” added Víctor.

David also clarified that “unfortunately” Christian Maquilón was dragged into the dispute, something that has “very affected” him, he said.

“This triggered countless comments on networks that affected us, our families,” added Christian. “I think that the apologies are necessary and the rectifications of the case as well.”

Finally, Víctor Aráuz promised that in the course of this day (the video was uploaded on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 6, and he said “tomorrow”) they would put these apologies in writing, while at the same time thanking his followers and friends for their support. expressed these days.

Until the closing of this note, it is unknown if Carolina Jaume has accepted the apology.

David Reinoso, Víctor Aráuz and Christian Maquilón offer public apologies to Carolina Jaume for parody video: “We missed it” | People | Entertainment