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There are not only intentional parodies of Kevin Costner classics. The action comedy saves a small nod to the Marvel star and one of his most faithful friends.

Initially intended as a darker crime drama, the arrival of other movie stars and a new director turned this sought-after script into an action comedy heir to those that proliferated in the eighties and nineties. With enough dose of adrenaline and laughter, the other bodyguard it offers just what you need from it.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson create the necessary unlikely action pairing dynamic that Patrick Hughes’ film seeks, while Salma Hayek, Richard E. Grant and Gary Oldman round out the cast. A film also loaded with references, from the most obvious ones like The Bodyguard to other more unexpected ones like connect with marvel.

Reynolds stars as Michael Bryce, a successful private bodyguard leading a luxurious life in the UK, until his client Takashi Kurosawa, an international arms dealer, is murdered on his watch. Two years later, the disgraced Bryce survives protecting drug-addicted executives in London.

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But, suddenly, a new client arrives, as lucrative as it is unwanted: a contract killer with whom he has clashed on other occasions in his past, including the prestigious client who ended up dead. That’s why they hate each other. However, now the bodyguard will have to collaborate with this criminal to get him to testify against a dangerous dictator from Eastern Europe, who will try to end his life by all means.

the poster of the other bodyguard It couldn’t be clearer, making a parody of the iconic image from Kevin Costner’s film. However, one of his most surprising nods is to the X Men, to which Reynolds is connected by his role as Deadpool and also by his great friendship with Hugh Jackman. At a certain point in the film you can see a detail designed to highlight those connections.


In this small scene an extra in the background can be seen wearing the classic jacket that Wolverine wears in both the comics and the Fox movies, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was Reynolds’ first (and unsuccessful) introduction as the mercenary with a mouth. A minimal easter egg but one that the film clearly indicates because of how it always focuses on the extra with the jacket.

A nice grace to reference one of Reynolds’ most famous characters, in addition to his great relationship with Jackman. A relationship that has led the last to come out of retirement as Wolverine to interpret it in the next Deadpool 3which will be released by Marvel Studios in 2024. Perhaps we will also see the jacket there.

You can see the other bodyguard on Netflix and HBO Max.

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Did you notice this X-Men reference hidden in Ryan Reynolds’ ‘The Other Bodyguard’?