Don’t forget the lyrics: a famous Maestro announces her definitive departure from the program

A great Maestro from Don’t forget the lyrics has just announced his departure without fanfare or trumpet. Coralie has indeed taken everyone by surprise by leaving the show and the tournaments orchestrated by Nagui. Explanations.

If you were in front Do not forget the lyrics in 2019, you most certainly remember getting to know a very great Maestro in the music show Nagui. Her name was Coralie. His age ? 27 years old. Originally from La Rochelle, she had won the modest sum of 227,000 euros. Coralie quickly became a essential figure of Do not forget the lyrics and its variations. After an EP recorded last year, one of the greatest Maestros can well bow out at an important turning point in his career.

The news fell on Friday February 11 on the singer’s Instagram account through a long text on a white background: ” After three years spent under the light of television spotlights, three years intensely rich in emotions, learning and encounters, it’s time for me to give back my silver mic to take off for other adventures. “Why this departure so surprising? ” On the one hand because I feel this end of cycle and the need to discover new horizons, having probably explored my possibilities in this game; but above all because mutual respect and trust are essential to the sustainability of all my relationships and experiences and these notions have unfortunately been lacking in recent months, causing me to go through moments of pain and disarray on my own which have enormously tested my strength of character.. »

Farewell to the famous Maestro

Of this ” magic parenthesis », Coralie remembers pure moments of joy and happiness in the company of a family of Maestros who will very quickly miss her. As soon as the post was published, old and new candidates rushed to send him their best wishes for the future on Instagram. Dorian writes: We love you “, when Margaux tries his hand at English: ” Love you “. Hervé congratulates her for doing what seems to him ” most sensible “. And Geoffrey? Coralie will miss him. We will not fail to follow the adventures of a great Maestro who has also upset us!

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Don’t forget the lyrics: a famous Maestro announces her definitive departure from the program