Don’t forget the lyrics: Kristofer freewheeling, the maestro sets the stage on fire, unprecedented!

Between Kristofer and Nagui, it’s a beautiful friendship… but with some twists and turns. As proof, this sequence may shock you!

Kristofer, the king of don’t forget the lyrics!

When he landed on the set of Do not forget the lyrics, viewers quickly realized that Kristofer was an alien. Radiant, he undertakes to stage each of his performances. Also, he quickly stands out from all the other candidates. Nagui loses his Latin. He who is used to teasing them gently, he has no words for this ball of positive energy. Without further ado, Objeko tells you about his latest delirium. You will see that no one can remain indifferent to it. Even Cruella melted. This shows the extent of his talent for putting glitter in the atmosphere. Without him, everyday life would be very sad!

Nagui under the spell of his Maestro

Permanently connected to 220 V, the cameras have trouble following him in his many delusions. For example, in this article, Objeko told you this incredible sequence where he planted everyone! Claiming a natural need, Kristofer slips away and distraught the public. Whether he is behind his television set or on the set of Do not forget the lyrics, we are hallucinating in front of this little joker who seems to have more than one trick up his sleeve! To amuse the gallery, he is ready for anything!

When he tries to guess the missing words of Madam Marquise, Kristofer concentrates. Intrigued, he then asks the fearsome Cruella for a clue. Nothing to do, he has no stroke of genius. Instead of racking his brains, he’s going to make a very daring metaphor. And this time, he targets an actress. Not just any since it occupies the heart and the thoughts of the animator. No, no you are not dreaming dear reader ofObjekohe ventures to attack Nagui’s wife.

Unsuspecting of the joke that was going to fall on the tip of his nose, the latter first thinks of his shoe collection Louboutin. Gently and naively calling out to his Maestro, he tells him that he would be wrong to deprive himself of putting on one every morning as it makes you happy. It does not take more to wake up the demon of the easy valve. ” Yes, especially with Melanie, you must [l’]be ! » .

With Kristofer, you never get bored!

With each new episode of Don’t Forget the Lyrics, Kristofer raises the bar so high that other contenders for the title of Maestro find it hard to keep up. And that day, a mythical song from the 90s will set an atmosphere worthy of a wedding. Choristers, Zikos, everyone arrives to party with him. It’s good to see these kinds of moments! It changes news.

Once he’s done singing God gave me faith, satisfied Kristofer declares. ” I think that’s one of my favorite moments of the whole show.“. Wishing to reproduce the experience as quickly as possible, he called on the technical team. ” VSis great, there’s never been that (…) come back, it’s really too good! We know that without this multi-talented singer-dancer, nothing would be the same. To think that he was predestined for a career as a lawyer!

See you at the Masters!

And you dear reader ‘Objeko, what do you think of this playful character? Are you going to leave or continue to applaud him every day? In writing, we are eager to know if he will release Queen Margaux from her pedestal. Since the first confinement, she has been in the first position of do not forget the lyrics. Every evening, she is in front of her post and makes sure to keep her place in the sun. Apart from Kevin with whom she maintains a precious bond, she could not bear to give her gold medal to the first comer. Kristofer better watch out. We can’t wait to see them compete in a Maestros tournament of this kind. Continued in the next issue! Until then, take care of yourself and tell yourself that music softens hearts.

Don’t forget the lyrics: Kristofer freewheeling, the maestro sets the stage on fire, unprecedented!