Dragon Ball: Yamcha has his own manga because Shonen Jump wanted to take advantage of the “minute of fame” that the character had

The cast of characters dragonball includes powerful, fearsome, brave and intelligent characters. Even so, she has also stood out in the comic characters section. One of them is Yamchawho began as a fearsome master of RogaFufuKen until he was humiliated by a young Goku, who knocked out a tooth by giving him one of those kicks. This affront was followed by others at the hands of Dracula Man or a generic Saibeman.

Despite being reduced to a punching bag, Yamcha has won the little heart of the fandom of the dragon sagabut it lacked an even greater impulse to achieve being one of the highlights by the public.

Although he has two moments where he was able to shine like a hero; the first being defeating a wolf in the Martial Arts Tournament and the second defeating the Invisible Man, Uranai Baba’s lackey (albeit with the help of Master Roshi), still wasn’t enough for Yamcha to stand out more.

In chapter 4 of Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha is shown playing professional baseball for the first time.

He continued to persevere and that “little push” that he so longed for finally arrived. Yamcha had reinvented himself as a prominent Taitans baseball player since Dragon Ball Z.

In dragonball Super Yamcha is shown to have pursued his career in baseball, a very popular sport in Japan. In chapter 70, the warriors of Universes 6 and 7 play a match, Yamcha being the absolute dominator of the diamond. Thanks to Yamcha winning the duel with her sporting talent and her death at the hands of a Saibamen being parodied, her character tore it up on Twitter.

This led to Shōnen Jump to capitalize on Yamcha’s minute of fame by throwing a spin off of dragonball where he was the protagonist. His name is dragonball Gaiden: Tensei Shitara Yamcha Datta Ken (an alternate history of dragonball: the case of the man who reincarnated as Yamcha) and was born as a parody of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Kena novel in which a fan of final fantasy die and reincarnate as a slime.

In this sleevea fan of dragonball he dies and reincarnates as Yamcha, just after the moment Goku kicks his tooth out. From then on, he will seek to redeem the character, changing all his Canyon until being the main hero of the franchise.

He insists on avoiding the humiliations suffered, training hard alongside Goku to improve his level and making Bulma fall in love. The great hidden power of him is know all the development of the plot; Similar to time travel, you’ll adjust the facts until you make Yamcha the best character without the risk of space-time paradox.

Yamcha Manga

Yamcha also had the opportunity to shine in Dragon Ball… even if it was in a parody manga

As we have seen, in dragonball all the characters have ever been able to shine: from the powerful Z Fighters to other less strong characters like Monaka. Yamcha, despite not being at the level of the protagonists, will always have some appreciation from the fans from the work of Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball: Yamcha has his own manga because Shonen Jump wanted to take advantage of the “minute of fame” that the character had