Dragon: everything you need to know about the character of this Chinese sign

Independent and tenacious, people born under the sign of the Dragon are considered hotheads. With such a symbol of power, an explosive character is to be expected.

Sign of the Dragon: a fiery character

Like their sign, people born during a year of Dragon are not afraid of anything, because they think they can dominate everything that moves. Thus, they generally go headlong without thinking. Their leadership no longer needs to be proven. You may find them arrogant, but you can’t deny their courage or tenacity. The Dragons do not give ground until they have reached their goal. They have in them a great vital force and an unfailing optimism. Professions that require self-sacrifice and risk-taking suit them perfectly. Dragons make excellent journalists, lawyers, business leaders, or sales people.

However, despite their power, our Dragon friends still remain subject to the stress. They may appear detached and indifferent, but this is not the case. They protect themselves behind their large scales. Their outbursts are impressive, but the anger ends as quickly as it came. Due to the Dragon’s chief image, many parents want their child to be born in a Dragon Year.

How to recognize a Dragon woman with her character?

The Dragon woman is unimpressed. She has a strong character, and likes to be the center of attention. It is often she who takes the first step. It can seem extravagant, theatrical. She sometimes acts like a diva. Despite this small flaw, she is a leader. When you meet a Dragon woman, you don’t soon forget her. She often holds positions of responsibility, and speaks easily in front of others.

At home, his or her partner must listen to him with an attentive ear and not try to contradict him for nothing. She takes criticism badly, but she appreciates the frankness all the same. A Dragon woman therefore knows how to question herself, even if swallowing her pride remains a difficult exercise for her. To tell her about a problem or get something from her, it is better to brush her in the direction of the hair a little before. However, be careful, the Dragon woman is not easily fooled. Plus, she’s not afraid to stand on her own two feet. She is an independent woman. If his or her partner is not up to it, she will leave without looking back.

What compatibility with the character of the Dragon?

Dragons hate coercion, but they are whole people who engage with passion in everything they do. Thus, they are not afraid to build a long-term relationship. However, we must not seek to decide for them or to impose on them a choice that they have not made. For a Dragon, nothing is more beautiful than freedom, but he knows that the latter is even more beautiful when it is shared. Dragons are autonomous people, but they will do anything to defend their loved ones. In Chinese mythology, dragons brought water to the Chinese people who were dying of thirst and heat, thus alienating the ruler of heaven and earth.

With a Dragon, you must not show hypocrisy: it is better to have a good, frank and open discussion, even if the truth is sometimes hard to hear. We avoid taboos and pretense. Anyway, a Dragon will not hesitate to say what is on his heart, in an often explosive way. Attention, in all areas of their lives, the Dragons are whole beings and demanding as much with themselves as with others. Being around a Dragon requires giving the best of yourself. Dragons naturally get along well with the signs of the Rat, Tiger or Snake. With the signs of the Dog, the Goat or the Ox, tensions are to be expected.

Dragon: everything you need to know about the character of this Chinese sign