Economy. Entrepreneur’s words: “To grow and develop, it is essential to surround yourself”

In the spring of 2020, as the Covid-19 crisis took hold in the country, sports clubs were forced to stop their activity. “There were no more practices or matches. And above all, we had no vision of the future, nor of the time that all of this was going to take, ”recalls Clément Forgeneuf, vice-president of Jeanne d’Arc (JDA) Dijon. The question then arises of the economic situation of the club, in the short and medium term.
It is in fact made up, side by side, of a professional women’s handball club and a professional men’s basketball club. “In May 2020, we met to discuss the diversification of our activities, so as to ensure the survival of our two pro clubs. The objective was to resume later, being stronger and less dependent on health hazards, economic hazards and community subsidies. »

The JDA decides to invest on its territory, by creating the Maison Pierre Grenat: a holding company which develops activities in the field of catering, hotels and viticulture. Through the holding company, the JDA becomes the owner of the La Cave du Père Tienne wine estate, located in southern Burgundy, not far from Cluny.

The group is also investing in three restaurants: two located in Dijon and another in the Lyon region, and in the Arbillons area, a place that can host seminars and act as a guesthouse for individuals. “It took a while for everything to fall into place. We now hope to be in balance in June 2023, with the objective that the income generated will be used for sports activities, ”clarifies Clément Forgeneuf.

Good practices

Throughout this adventure, the JDA was able to count on the support of Bpifrance, through the Les Meneurs community, which brings together sports clubs throughout France committed to an innovation process.

“Be part of the community Leaders of Bpifrance, with 50 other sports clubs, makes it possible to shine on the whole territory and to discuss with other actors the experiences and the good practices”, emphasizes Clément Forgeneuf. The base of Bpifrance is also a means for the club to reassure on its project, to attract partners who could be useful in the development of new activities.

On a daily basis, the Les Meneurs de Bpifrance community is a genuine generator of links between its members, who share values, sometimes initiatives, whether in the direction of the economic development of their club, sports performance or social responsibility. companies (CSR).

Several times a year, the community is notably invited to gather around events organized by Bpifrance, in one of the member clubs of the community: “It’s a time of very rich exchanges, which makes it possible to gather ideas who come from everywhere, underlines Clément Forgeneuf. We know that we can’t do it alone, it’s essential to surround yourself, to grow and develop. »

Economy. Entrepreneur’s words: “To grow and develop, it is essential to surround yourself”