EDOARDO ERCOLE, SON SERENA GRANDI/ “I received insults for my homosexuality”

Edward Hercules this is how he made his debut in the studies of Today is another day, live on Rai Uno, explaining: “I took my creativity and love for beautiful things from my mother. Ever wanted to do show business? I work for events and I’m complacent but I’ve never thought of pushing myself to be an actor”. Then Edoardo Ercole added: “Always being behind my mother, she certainly made me appreciate that job a lot”. Serena Grandi’s son told a curious anecdote about the time of the school: “There had been a dispute with the Greek teacher, maybe he didn’t like me, and I took and changed schools directly, with great peace of mind I left. It was a right-wing environment so being a homosexual I always ended up in various dynamics ”.

Serena Grandi, the mother, commented: “I’ve always been happy with his homosexuality, I’m happy, I won’t become a grandmother but it doesn’t matter, I’m out of patience anyway. I thought I had induced him to become a homosexual, as there was no figure of a man”. Edoardo Ercole took the floor again: “I was 14 when I came out, I already had awareness at 12/13 years old and I went through terrible moments. I received insults, horrendous writing under my number, but I suffered in silence, even if she got there anyway. I would have preferred to do it differently.” On the religion: “I am convinced that there is something and I think that the Church needs to update itself a bit, the Church is my home”. (update by Davide Giancristofaro)


Edward Hercules and the son of Serena Grandi and Beppe Ercolewho died in 2010. Born in Milan on 19 December 1989, Edoardo Ercole ended up in the spotlight during his mother’s participation in the “Big Brother VIP”, in 2017. In fact, in the most spied on house in Italy, the actress had made an outing for her son. “Since I was a little boy, I’ve always felt attracted to men, and my mom always knew that”, Edoardo then confirmed to the microphones of “M20 house”.

On the pages of the weekly WhoEdoardo said that his mother gave him a Hermes bag for his 17th birthday: “We grew up like this and we never asked ourselves the problem. We have followed a path that has led us to play down my reality”. Actress Serena Grandi, on the other hand, admitted that it was initially a shock to find out she had a gay son, but now she defines him “the real Oscar of my life”, as he told Serena Bortone in the program “Today is another day”.

Edoardo Ercole: flirting with a former gieffino

Edward Hercules he has a good following on social media, but is still very private about his private life. As far as his romantic relationships are concerned, he has never been very unbalanced. Only once, answering a few questions from his Instagram followers, did he reveal that he had one brief relationship with a competitor of a past edition of the “Big Brother VIP: “Well it’s not exactly the best to hear ‘have you ever been’, it’s nicer to say ‘have you ever had a flirt’. I love, these questions make me disinquite, they galvanize me. Anyway yes, it dates back to some time ago and he participated in Big Brother Vip, if you mean that by famous”, but without mentioning the name of the competitor.

A couple of years ago Edward Hercules he revealed, guest of the episode of “Afternoon 5“, of having a sister, daughter of her father Beppe Ercole, named Fabiana.


EDOARDO ERCOLE, SON SERENA GRANDI/ “I received insults for my homosexuality”