El Mindo entertains with a parody of the day without a car and thousands felt identified

The influencer from Cali Armando Ruíz, better known as The Mindohas managed to get millions of people to follow him on their social networks to have fun with his jokes and funny parodies, in which the vast majority appears dressed as a woman.

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The digital creator has the facility to express their emotions and thoughts with a humorous touch and a lot of creativity. In addition, he almost always achieves that many feel reflected in his content.

The day without a car, according to El Mindo

Just as he did with the recent clip, in which El Mindo wanted to show a little of the tricks that thousands of people had to carry out this September 22 in Bogotá for the day without a car decreed by the authorities.

In the video, the content creator appears in a purple suit and tie. In the first scene, the man hastily finishes drinking his coffee and runs out of his house to catch the bus, however, it started and closed its doors, so he was unable to get on.

Due to the above, the elegant gentleman keeps running, but always respecting traffic regulations. Since at a STOP sign, he stops and first looks both ways before continuing with his career.

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He did part of the journey on a stranger’s electric skateboard, hanging over the garbage truck and then running again. When he finally arrives at the office, exhausted, and ready to work, his boss gives him some bad news.

“Worker: what a pity boss, I managed to get there.

Boss: Yes, Mr. Ortiz, but he was three minutes late and that’s enough for a memorandum.”

The video featured a well-known song by the Mexican music group RBD ‘Sálvame’, in the background. And on it, El Mindo wrote “Day without a car in (Colombian flag)” and in red “what my boss expects.”

Thousands of followers identified with the video of El Mindo

The influencer made thousands of his followers feel represented in his video and have fun. Also, in the comment box, some said the reasons why the elegant man was three minutes late at his workplace.

“The 3 minutes late were for making the stop”, “I managed to get a mustache and everything on the way”, “The important thing is that he made the stop”, “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the part of the garbage truck”, “The scene from the garbage truck killed me”, “In the garbage car hahahaha @el_mindo daddy you made me laugh a lot, the best dad, blessings”, “HAHAHAHAHAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA how right”, were some of the messages that the fans wrote.

The words most used by Internet users in the reactions were “literally me”, “totally identified” and “that’s how it was”. There were also those who assured that not all bosses are the same and others insisted on the importance of using alternative means of transport such as bicycles.

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El Mindo entertains with a parody of the day without a car and thousands felt identified