Elections 2023: the campaign in Quito turns to social networks with dances and challenges

This January 8, 2023 ended the first week of the campaign with a view to sectional elections to choose mayors, prefects, councilors and advisors for Citizen Participation.

Politicians promote themselves through spots in television and radiobillboards in public space, and viral videos on social media.

In this last space, each candidate has defined their own strategy. Every day it is more common for them to participate in the ‘trends‘ viral or the dances of TikTokas well as occupy the stories of instagram or the publications of Facebook.

Why do candidates bet on social networks?

As of February 2022, according to the Branch company report, there were at least 14.6 million of active users in social networks in Ecuador; figure that contrasts with the 13.45 million voters.

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In other words, it is a niche that allows you to reach voters at a low cost because although it can be advertised, it is easy for a creative video goes viral soon.

TikTok It has great growth projections. According to a report from the firm specializing in social networks, hoot suiteas of June 2022, was the fifth mobile application with the most active users in the world.

According to the same portal, the growth is largely due to the formula of the algorithm that allows the massive dissemination of content and the easy accumulation of followers. The report indicates that a user of that social network spends approximately 5% of the time they are awake consuming their content.

‘Story time’, ‘trends’ and filters; between the strategies of the Quito candidates

As expected, Ecuadorian politicians do not hesitate to present their proposals, their profiles and criticize their opponents; and leave some ‘pearls’ along the way.

One of the most viewed videos of the candidate Omar Cevallos it is a challenge to show photos from when I was a child and simulate a conversation with current photos and videos. The clip accumulates more than 11 thousand views.

The most watched video of Natasha Rojas It is a byte from the interview he had on Televistazo, with Juan Carlos Aizprúa in which he promises to lower the public transport fare.

Alcohol has also been recurring in this campaign. Andres Paez He went viral on other social networks with a video in which he accepts that he consumes liquor but emphasizes that they cannot call him a “criminal”.

Pabel Munozfrom correísmo, appears in some videos with a more jovial style, answering questions outside the campaign, such as listing five women artists of the urban genre.

Pablo Ponce promotes a campaign on TikTok for the artist Bad Bunny to play for free in Quito. It is not a campaign promise, but rather asks users to tag the singer so that he agrees to perform in the capital.

The most watched video of the ex-assembly member and now candidate, Maria Jose Carrion, is with the candidate for the Pichincha prefecture, Jacinto Espinoza. They both dance the ‘little plane’ choreography. This is a video uploaded in January 2022.

The 2021 presidential campaign left some lessons for the now candidate for mayor of Quito, Pedro Jose Freire. In a video the politician appears paying $20 for a propaganda spot; so the result is an intentionally poor quality campaign video

Jorge Yunda He not only uses his TikTok account, but also that of the media outlet he runs. In one of the clips the candidate talks to dogs, literally barking as their ‘conversation’ is translated at the bottom of the video.

The candidate for the government party, Elena Coloma, do not stay behind. Several parody-type videos are part of his profile. One of them is taking advantage of the trend of the song ‘Tarara’, showing a proposal against crime.

Luisa Maldonado, Patricio Alarcón and Jessica Jaramillo They also take advantage of the social network, joining viral trends and challenges.

Elections 2023: the campaign in Quito turns to social networks with dances and challenges