Elon Musk and Twitter Blue: Is it possible or not to verify accounts and remove bots?

Buenos Aires — Since his arrival in Twitter inc. (TWTR), there are several changes that Elon Musk has promoted on the social network, including personal reduction. In a few weeks, The widespread review of the company has generated various regulatory debates and unknowns regarding what can happenr with the social network. The battle against botsuser verification and the identification of parodies, These are some of the changes that the richest man in the world seeks to incorporate.

One of Musk’s core strategies to start dealing with fake accounts and misinformation is Twitter Blue.”verified”, a monthly subscription that, in principle, improve the verification process. But how feasible is it to eliminate the bots completely?

“Please keep in mind that Twitter will do a lot of dumb things in the coming months (…) We will keep what works and modify what doesn’t”

Elon Musk

Musk has not been the only one to point out this problem on the social network. Officials in many of the world’s largest democracies have warned that the new subscription service of Twitter Inc. “It is a breeding ground for misinformation” and fake accounts.

The changes announced by Elon Musk on Twitter

            • Any Twitter user who engages in spoofing without clearly specifying the parody will be permanently banned without notice”, Musk announced days ago.
            • In the first days of November, Twitter implemented a new “official” checkmark for big-name users and subsequently scrapped the program immediately.
            • Twitter announced and then discontinued its $8 subscription program, Twitter Blue, to combat the growing problem of users posing as big brands. On November 15, Musk clarified that “Blue Verified” would be re-released on the 29th of this month.

Can Musk move forward with removing bots and fake accounts?

“Remove bots for the social network it should be something trivial. Today it is very easy to identify the device that connects and has automatic management as the one with a botThese are issues that are very easy to implement,” he told Bloomberg Línea Sebastián Stranieri, CEO and founder of the cybersecurity company VU Security. The specialist suggested that if they do not advance in these measures, “Basically it’s because it’s going to impact the level of interactions on the social network.”

Gonzalo Blousson, CEO of Signaturaa document signing and notarization company on blockchain technology, says that “there are many follower analysis tools, especially personalities and politicians, where many followers are fakeattacking that could be more complicated.”

The implementation of verification payment, tick blue, caused headaches at the beginning, which later led to the reversal of this project. Stranieri analyzed that “the big problem with this new methodology to verify identity is that It takes away value from a system that previously provided security to users to know we were talking to the right person or entity.”

Blousson says that it is a “great initiative to open identity verification”, beyond the fact that later “a tick special for personalities, something that distinguishes them, but the verification is part of the tool to eliminate bots and filter more malicious users within the network”.

anonymous users

In any case, Blousson adds that these changes should try to sustain one of the richest characteristics of this social network, which is “anonymity”. “Many of the anonymous users enrich the social network. Removing that feature could be self-destructive.”he told Bloomberg Line.

According to Stranieri, “to solve the challenge of protecting the identity of all of us who are part of the digital community, we must evolve towards a new paradigm of privacy, confidentiality and management of our online assets. And proposes the sovereign identity, “which takes us to a higher level where we have the power to decide what personal data to share, with whom, and for how long.”

Regarding the parodies, Blousson said that “having to indicate that it is a parody in the name is somewhat exaggerated, because it takes away the fun, but you have to identify parodies because they can generate different types of harmful effects”.

Elon Musk and Twitter Blue: Is it possible or not to verify accounts and remove bots?