Elon Musk announces an “amnesty” for suspended Twitter accounts

hours after dismantle the brussels office Elon Musk wants a new revolution on Twitter, and not in a good way. The boss of the social network and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has announced through his profile an “amnesty” for all those accounts that have been suspended from the microblog network at some point. This implies that users who at some point violated Twitter’s operating rules will be able to return to operating as usual.

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This decision comes days after have restored Donald Trump’s account and that of other followers of the American right like Kanye West or Marjorie Taylor Greene. The only condition Musk has placed on the return of the profiles is that the suspended accounts cannot have broken the law or engaged in “outrageous spam.” If not, next week they will return to Twitter.

A few days ago, the founder of Tesla already held another online referendum, with five times more participation and a very close result, which led him to restore the account of former President Donald Trump, who was suspended indefinitely by Twitter after linking his comments to the assault on the Capitol.

As usual, Musk contradicts himself. And it is that in early November, Musk said that Twitter “will not allow” anyone who has been removed from the social network for violating its rules to return to the platform until the company has a clear process.

The businessman has shown his rejection of the permanent vetoes on the social network and has recently returned the accounts of other controversial figures, such as the far-right congresswoman, banned for months for publishing falsehoods about covid-19.

Technical chaos on Twitter

Mass layoffs and resignations of employees at Twitter have made the social network a difficult steed for Musk to tame, with a lack of staff to handle key functionality like content moderation.

Thus, last week Twitter lost its content moderation system due to copyright, that is, due to copyright. In this way, it was not capable of detecting the protected audiovisual content and removing it from the platform, allowing users to to share complete series and movies on the platform.

To try to remedy the technical chaos of Twitter, the company has signed George Hotz, one of the eminences in the sector that brought out the colors in its day to the security of Tesla or Apple. In any case, the social network has had to stop some of the new processes that it plans to launch in the new stage to try to stop the bleeding of advertisers.

The clearest example is its verification system. This week he announced that the verification system was in stand by in the face of technical complexity and the inability to deal with it due to the increase in profiles posing as others and Musk could not control. We will not relaunch this feature until “we are confident that significant spoofing will not occur,” the network explained.

On the 9th of november the first of the measures began to be applied taken by the new head of Twitter after the purchase of the social network, also the most commented along with the massive layoffs. The verification system was integrated into Twitter Blue, the paid version, chaotically and surrounded by a strong campaign against by users who took advantage of the new dynamics to make jokes or spread hoaxes and false news.

Days before, the tycoon had already warned that anyone who impersonated another person, brand or organization by buying a blue check without indicating that it was a ‘parody’ would be blocked on the social network. This punishment has not been enough to appease rebellious users, so it is has decided to postpone the implementation of Blue Verifie or blue check until further notice.

Elon Musk announces an “amnesty” for suspended Twitter accounts