Els Joglars pays its debt to the creator of satire

The Municipal Theater of La Bañeza start the new year in a big way with the premiere this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. of the new show by the legendary company The Joglars, ‘Let Aristophanes come out!’with which they celebrate 60 years of theatrical career, ten under the direction of the great Ramon Fontsere after passing the baton Albert Boadellaand which makes the 40th number of theatrical shows produced by the Catalan group, the oldest in Europe within the private sphere that is still active and remains in top form, as can be seen with this new production that travels to the origins of the theater to pay tribute to comedy, so necessary in these troubled times that we have had to live.

Els Joglars considers that after sixty years dedicated to reflecting the situation of the moment through satire, it was time to create a montage to the greatest glory of one of its main references: Aristophanes, the creator of satire, whose texts, like than those of Els Joglars, are designed to reach the entire public. «They are popular texts of great poetic height, texts loaded with content between the lines, accompanied by a staging that exudes plasticity, conceived to make the viewer fall in love», they indicate from the Catalan formation, knowing that the artistic style that identifies it is satire , parody and comedy. “This is our unalterable DNA throughout the long history that precedes us”, they maintain from Els Joglars, for whom twenty-five centuries later, Aristophanes continues to be a libertarian symbol with his laughter, his criticisms and his utopian fantasies. “Our proposal aims to vindicate the freedom of art at a time when it is being the victim of an overprotective society”, they point out from the formation led by that great man of theater that is Ramón Fontserè, who is worth in the case of ‘Let it come out Aristophanes!’ of a contemporary dramaturgy that combines music, dance, literature and the visual to focus on the infantilization of the adult world that comes with living in an illusion, in a Disney world, where art must be correct, easy and not hurt. Vaseline art. «On the idea that art should be alien to morality, we built a show where the Aristophanes, the Chaplins or the molières they embody the dissident’s laughter before a society based on the religion of feelings. Using humor and satire, we show the good-natured perversity that points out, betrays, and lynches those who disagree in the new bonfires on Twitter, Facebook, and other networks. We are not in a game of good and bad, nor in determining the moral to follow, we try to illuminate falsehood in such an obvious way that the viewer himself discovers another unsuspected reality.

Tickets are on sale at the price of 15 euros in the stalls and first amphitheater and 5 euros in the second amphitheater, and can be purchased until this Thursday at the municipal offices from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and at the theater box office on Friday and Saturday from 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on the website www.teatrolabañeza.es

Queen Tribute Show

On the other hand, on Friday the Bañezano venue hosts the musical show at 8:30 p.m. ‘We love Queen’ of the company yllana with tickets at 15 euros in the stalls and first amphitheater and at 10 euros in the second amphitheater.

‘We love Queen’, which in the capital of Leon could be seen a few months ago at the lion sandnow arrives at the Municipal Theater of La Bañeza with the ‘Big Fan’ of Queen, who has set up an entire rock cathedral in homage and tribute to his favorite band, a fun and original liturgy of exaltation and enthusiasm for the formation led by Freddie Mercury.

During the musical, one of the attendees will be invited to go on stage to complete and give meaning to the ceremony. “A spectacular staging with live musicians, dancers, actors and singers, who come together to create a show full of good music and energy, and which aims to excite and amuse from beginning to end,” say Yllana, a theater company that It would take its first steps in 1991 within gestural humor and to date it has launched 37 theatrical shows with which they have toured 48 countries and have been seen by nearly six million spectators. It should be noted that some of the members of the Yllana company have participated in directing successful shows such as ‘The Hole’ (2012), ‘Today I can not get up’ (2014) or ‘Mayumana Rumba tribute to Estopa’ (2017), among many others.

Els Joglars pays its debt to the creator of satire