End of life: enough of the “sacredness” of life! – Protestant looks

My anger rises at the reactions of religions and certain secular sectors on end-of-life issues! Protestant leaders take little distance in this regard: while recognizing the demands made within Protestantism and in society, the reservations expressed amount to a rapprochement with the opponents of the necessary changes.

That there are arrangements to be made, framework mechanisms to be found for active support at the end of life or support for assisted suicide, I understand that. But there is a deafening silence about the technological and chemical race, never questioned and presented as a “progress” of medicine in the service of life. After a while, well… that’s no longer life!

I will say it in a crude way: the progress of chemistry, medical techniques, etc., are such that the life maintained (I am not talking about the therapeutic relentlessness) is no longer the time of life that God gives me .

Yes, it is time to say that given the current data, the time of my life and the time of my death must be able to come from what is happening in my conscience before God.

In this sense, it is time to open the way to assisted suicide.

It is certainly fundamental to continue human accompaniment at the end of life, but it is high time to stop putting the ideological and moral pressure on a life which would be a fatality to pursue until more thirsty, a life which would be sacred.

I believe it: life, the breath of life, is a gift from God. Not in the “essence” of man, an old philosophy that has perverted the Gospel message, but in the existing and relational path of man, which is quite different. And we must teach humans to receive their end, which contemporary medical conception refuses to conceive.

Some doctors say it would be against their ethics; it must be understood: as soon as this ethics does not become a manual of procedures and protocols for life always further, without dialogue with the human being who is in front of what is essential in his eyes, from what the “medical power” is no longer anything.

And there is a moment when the cry “Basta!” must sound like the best testimony to life. In short: stop stealing our death! It is an integral part of our life.

Excerpts from responses to readers on Facebook

“(…) Some people give meaning to being able to lead the fight of life to the end, but no one can assign me to a fight that I do not wish to lead. But the only solutions that are offered is precisely to have to enter into these unwanted fights. »

“(…) The challenge is not to deny or erase our fears, our distress, but to know how I let resound in my life (already finished, already finished) the words of hope of eternal life ( already started, sometimes without my knowledge). The battle over the end of life, as much as legal or ethical, is theological and spiritual! »

By Pastor Jean-Christophe Muller

End of life: enough of the “sacredness” of life! – Protestant looks