Éric Zemmour condemned for having qualified the first name of Hapsatou Sy of “insult to France”, she reacts to the verdict

In 2018, Éric Zemmour qualified the first name of columnist Hapsatou Sy “insult to France”. After months of proceedings, the verdict is in. The Paris court sentenced him to pay him damages. The main concerned wanted to react to this decision of justice.

The verdict has finally come, after months of waiting. This Thursday, January 12, 2023, the polemicist Éric Zemmour was found guilty of public insult of a racial nature and sentenced to a fine of 4,000 euros by the Paris court. The former candidate for the 2022 presidential election had appeared on November 4, 2021 before the correctional chamber. As a reminder, he had qualified the first name of the columnist, Hapsatou Sy, “insult to France” during the public recording of the broadcast of Thierry Ardisson Sunday Earthlingse broadcast on C8.

At the time of the events, the production company had cut Éric Zemmour’s remarks during editing, due to a “high risk of legal condemnation”. But on his side, the columnist and wife of Vincent Cerutti had chosen to broadcast a video filmed by a make-up artist on social networks, containing the passage in question and had filed a complaint with a civil action. In addition to the fine of 4,000 euros, Eric Zemmour, absent from the judgment, was ordered to pay 3,000 euros in damages to Hapsatou Sy and 2,000 euros in legal fees. His lawyer, Me Olivier Pardo, announced to appeal “in the face of this decision which has no legal meaning”, noted The world.

Hapsatou Sy reacts to the conviction of Éric Zemmour

A few hours after the announcement of the verdict, the latter broke the silence on Twitter. This Thursday, January 12, 2023, relief was present for Hapsatou Sy. Shortly after Éric Zemmour’s conviction for racist insult, the young woman wanted to speak on her social networks : “It is a source of great pride to have stood firm for all these years and to have been able to have Éric Zemmour condemned for racist insult. My first name is my identity, my origins are my strengthand behind me, I hope that many other French people will feel liberated to know that we must be respected for who we are”she wrote in a first message.

In the second part of the tweet, she takes the opportunity to thank her lawyer and the people who have supported her over the past few months: “(…) I will retain a sentence during his argument: ‘freedom of expression is not freedom of oppression‘ Thank you for your support”, she concluded. A page turns for Hapsatou Sy. What a good way to start the year 2023.

Éric Zemmour condemned for having qualified the first name of Hapsatou Sy of “insult to France”, she reacts to the verdict – X Gossip