Eugenio Derbez: Who are the actor’s most iconic characters inspired by?

Despite the accident suffered by the Mexican comedian, Eugenio Derbez, his wife, the singer Alessandra Rosaldo, has already communicated that, fortunately, we will have Eugenio for a while.

We take advantage of this pause to commemorate the actor, through a review of his most beloved characters, what or who they are inspired by and the reason why they gave him his popularity in Mexico, through television since the nineties.

Arming Holes

Although Eugenio Derbez is remembered on television for his ingenious routines, based on puns and jokes with the language, in the nineties, the actor created the character of a renowned philosopher who was perfect for these linguistic jokes.

Armando Hoyos is not only one of the most ingenious characters and funny Derbez, he has also been the author of several comic manuscripts such as The Unauthorized Autobiography of Armando Hoyos” (1997) and “Armando Hoyos: Dictionary of the Real Epidemia of the Language” (1999).


In addition to being measured in interviews with personalities such as Jacobo Zabludovsky, Vicente Fox or Julieta Lujambio.

In the nineties, Armando Hoyos was not only a wonderful resource for comedy with language, he also parodied with great skill the ceremonial interviews in which the faces, manners and gestures of many intellectuals who came out of their books to give a face and voice on TV were televised.

Slice Mucus

The never ending story. El Lonje Moco could not finish his gloomy stories, but his pauses were always filled by the “ill-thought-out” minds of the viewers, who were generally the ones who ended up playing the trick, in the innocent stories.

The character itself derives from a sketch by Loco Valadez, another Benedictine monk whose name also takes up Derbez’s character: El Monje Loco (El Lonje Moco).

The Lonje Moco appeared for the first time in Derbez from time to time, then in Va de nuez en tiempo and in XHDRBZ, where her segment directly parodied the Diva del Cine, Silvia Pinal, in her program Mujer Casos de la Vida Real.

Julius Stephen

Despite being one of the characters recently less recurrent in Derbez’s repertoire, it recently caused controversy after the release of the Netflix documentary on the life of Walter Mercado, where Derbez offered his testimony about Julio Esteban, as an obvious parody of the astrologer.

In his testimony Derbez assures that the character paid homage to Walter, who back in the nineties was at the peak of his popularity.

Nevertheless, On social networks, opinions were divided between those who agreed with Eugenio and those who claimed that Julio Esteban was a mockery of the astrologer’s homosexuality.

Anyway, Julio Esteban sits in his chair and read hilarious letters whose joke is the way of joining semantic fields in the message of the letter (generally love), so his gestures, and even the parody of Walter or the talk shows of the time, are irrelevant to the ingenuity of language.

Ludovico P. Luche

If someone saw the famous American series of the eighties and nineties, “Married with children”, you will find its perfect equivalent in Mexico or rather in Ciudad Peluche.

In this dysfunctional family everyone is against everyone but the common target is one, the husband, the father.

In 2018 a brief controversy arose about the originality of the stuffed animal family, after July Naters, creator of the Peruvian show Pataclaun, said that a producer from ‘La familia P.Luche’ revealed to her that they were inspired by Peruvian production.

Nevertheless, Derbez assured the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio that his P. Luche family had no influence from Pataclaun.


“No, not at all. In fact, I found out about that project because the rumor reached me a year ago.”

What is canon is that Bibi, Ludoviquito and Jr. are inspired by Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardo, as Eugenio himself and his aforementioned children have declared.

Ludovico accompanies Eugenio’s career from his first programs, Al derecho y al Derbez, Derbez en tiempo, Va de nuez en tiempo, XHDRBZ, and he even had his own in 2002 with La familia P.luche.

He is the most recurring character in Derbez’s catalog and even carry a strange parallelism in their lives, which has been used by Eugenio on more than one occasion, both on the screen and on his social networks.



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Eugenio Derbez: Who are the actor’s most iconic characters inspired by?