EXCLUDED – Olivia Grégoire’s look seen by two experts: “She’s a bit ‘everyone'”

With her hoarse voice, her jeans and her short sleeves often adopted at the Assembly, Olivia Grégoire has a style that denotes with the rest of the macronie. Élizabeth Pineau and Gaëtane Morin, authors of the book The Politics Locker Room (Robert Laffont) have deciphered the style of the new government spokesperson for Gala.fr.

When Olivia Grégoire appears on television sets, we first notice his voice. hoarse, deep, as if she had smoked for years. Impossible not to note too his outspokenness and its strong character. And then there is his famous jeans, his colorful t-shirts, his “casual” look sported in the Assembly for several years, after being elected LREM deputy for the 12th district of Paris with more than 56% of the votes in 2017… it is an understatement to say it, the one who was appointed spokesperson for the government of Élisabeth Borne on May 20 has a look which contrasts with the general style of ministers, looking like technocrats. A strategy to stand out? For Élizabeth Pineau and Gaëtane Morin, authors of Politics Locker Roomreleased in 2016 by Robert Laffont, the former business manager done anyway “a little ‘madam everyone'”.

“I have the impression that she doesn’t give a damn about her style, says Elizabeth Pineau. It’s kind of all over the place.” The author continues by comparing the style of Olivia Grégoire with that of her predecessor Gabriel Attal, now Minister of Public Accounts: ‘”Before her, there was Gabriel Attal as spokesperson. He was very young, very young when he was appointed. He always wears a suit and tie to make it more serious, even getting a little older. Olivia Gregoire, This is another thing. Her hair is a little messy, she puts on clothes that are less rigorous than her predecessor. She is also less dry than Amélie de Montchalin or Agnès Pannier Runacher.”

© Stephane Lemouton / BestimageOlivia Grégoire leaving the Council of Ministers at the Elysée Palace on April 28.

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A fitting style with its “gouaille”

Elizabeth Pineau’s colleague agreed, confirming that Olivia Grégoire “dare a little everything”, oscillating between casual outfits, a bright red suit jacket and a molded pregnancy belly in a white top. “But it’s in keeping with his personality, said Gaëtane Morin. She’s outspoken, Olivia. And it shows in the way he dresses and looks. She is able to arrive with a sweater rather than a jacket. She has a relaxed side to clothing. She is what she is and she accepts it. It’s fitting.”

Olivia Grégoire pregnant, leaving the Élysée Palace in September 2021.
© Stephane Lemouton / BestimageOlivia Grégoire pregnant, leaving the Élysée Palace in September 2021.

Regarding the frankness of the ex of Manuel Valls, now in a relationship with the special effects specialist Philippe Aubry, father of his daughter Romy born in December 2021, Élizabeth Pineau goes further: “She even has a banter”, she pressed, meaning that she has a certain patter, reinforced by her deep voice. “She’s in tune with her banter, she uses Franglais a lot, so her style goes with her somewhat particular personality.” And to add: “As a spokesperson, she will be very exposed. We saw it with Sibeth Ndiaye, who was really very extravagant, she was almost provocations through clothing. We are not there with Olivia Grégoire. But anyway, she’s not heading for the black pantsuit because she’s become a spokesperson.”

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EXCLUDED – Olivia Grégoire’s look seen by two experts: “She’s a bit ‘everyone'” – Gala