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Statements erroneously attributed to public figures, including politicians, are often disseminated and viralized. It is not uncommon to find manipulated or taken out of context statements that are shared on social networks as true without being so. That Ada Colau has said that “implementing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona” or that Irene Montero has described the time change as “macho” are just some examples of these false attributions.

On numerous occasions, this content reaches us through false profiles that pass themselves off as media outlets or even through accounts that impersonate the very women to whom these hoaxes are attributed. Since cursed.es We bring you some examples of false policy statements that have been used to attack women and the feminist movement.

No, Público has not tweeted these alleged statements by Yolanda Díaz about the shopping basket proposed by Carrefour: it is from an account that supplants the media

It has been spread as if it were real an alleged Twitter post by the newspaper Público with on the second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor in which the following is read: “Yolanda Díaz: ‘The basket proposed by Carrefour complies with eco-sustainable principles. In addition, it leaves out meat products, which are one of the main axes of the toxic masculinity.

Nevertheless, It is a hoax that it is a tweet from Public. The account behind this tweet has been impersonating the media outlet using a similar name (although it is missing a letter and says “Public” instead of “Public”) and the same profile and cover photos. However, the account in question is not verified, while the one in the diary is. Likewise, it is a recently created profile (September 2022). Furthermore, there is no trace that Diaz uttered those words.

This practice of impersonate a media outlet on Twitter, using their name and profile pictureit is usual, as we have told you in cursed.es.

No, Ada Colau has not said that “imposing a male curfew at night could be positive for Barcelona”

It also went viral on social networks. a content which collected some alleged statements by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, assuring that “implementing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona”.

But, as we explained to you, it’s a hoax: the statements are false and the content comes from an account that supplants the identity of the newspaper El País. We realize this when we look at the handle (the name that follows the @) of the account that published these alleged statements, which does not coincide with the official -and verified- one of El País.

No, this tweet about alleged statements by an adviser to Irene Montero about nationalizing “all immigrants” to avoid “news of violations at the hands of foreigners” is not from El Mundo: it is a self-styled parody account


“Controversial statements by an adviser to (Equality Minister) Irene Montero: ‘we must give nationality to all immigrants to avoid racism caused by news of violations at the hands of foreigners'”. This is the text of a supposed tweet from El Mundo that has been spread as real, although it is a hoax.

El Mundo never published this tweet, whose origin is in an account that pretends to be that media outlet and calls itself a “parody”, as we explained at the time. In addition, the image used in said tweet was of Yvette D’Ath, the then Minister of Health of the Australian state of Queensland.

No, 20minutes has not tweeted that “the Ministry of Equality and anti-racist associations” have demanded that Mediaset “remove all the chapters of Aída” for being “racist and sexist”


spread on Twitter a publication which assured that the Ministry of Equality and “anti-racist associations” had demanded that Mediaset withdraw all the chapters of the Aída series for considering it “racist, sexist and far from the values ​​that should be promoted”. The tweet, which was broadcast as real as if it were from the official account of the media outlet 20minutes, it’s a hoax.

The user who spread it did so by supplanting this media outlet through a profile that defined itself as a “parody account.” In addition, there is no trace of this alleged request for Equality regarding the withdrawal of the chapters of the series Aída and It is not the first time that we deny messages from this profile masquerading as the media.

No, the Government has not provided 120 million to the Ministry of Equality for online chats about transsexuality for 1st year ESO students: the origin is a Twitter account that poses as Public


In a tweet falsely attributed again to the newspaper Público, it was stated that (the Prime Minister, Pedro) “Sánchez gives in to pressure from (former Vice President Pablo) Iglesias and Montero and provides 120 million euros to the Ministry of Equality to finance ‘on-line’ talks on transsexuality for first year ESO students”. However, it’s a hoax.

In the first place, the account that published the tweet is not that of the media outlet and, furthermore, the Ministry of Equality itself has denied this content. Content that is not referred to either in the Official State Gazette (BOE), where no item from the Ministry of Equality has been reported for this purpose.

No, Irene Montero has not described the time change as “a macho act”


“The heteropatriarchy steals an hour of rest from the female collective.” This affirmation accompanied an image that assured that Irene Montero, the Minister of Equality, had referred to the time change “as a macho act”. However, this content, which was shared on Twitter, Facebook Y Youtube, it’s a hoax

Beyond the image shared in these posts, there is no trace of this statement. In addition, the author is the profile, “Cuñao Chepa”, it is a Facebook page that defines itself as “art and entertainment” and that assures in its description that it makes “reverent humor for intelligent people”. Likewise, from Irene Montero’s press team they affirmed, as we already explainedthat it was a “false” statement.

No, El País has not published some statements by Irene Montero in which she assures that it is more about “acting than kneeling”: it is a false tweet


“Irene Montero: “I went to a religious school where they taught us that to get what you wanted you had to pray, but I never paid attention. I’m more into acting than getting down on my knees”” (sic). This text was spread on networks as true along with some alleged statements by Montero. But the tweetwhich the disinforming content had attributed to El País, it’s a hoax.

The publication comes from a Twitter profile that, at the time it was released, supplanted the identity of the media outlet on this social network and later changed both its name and its profile image to those of another outlet (La Vanguardia). . In addition, there is no trace of these statements by the Minister for Equality in El País or in any other media outlet, as we explain here.

No, Irene Montero has not tweeted that bellowing “is machismo” and that “our hinds suffer intolerable harassment”: it is a false tweet


In 2020, a screenshot of an alleged tweet by the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, began to circulate, in which she would have described the bellowing, the mating season of the deer that occurs at the beginning of autumn, as “machismo”. In the same text it was said that this was something that “we cannot allow”, assuring that “our hinds suffer intolerable harassment”. It’s a hoax.

The alleged tweet was not published in the profile of the head of Equality at the time this content began to spread. Likewise, we also did not find the archived post in Google’s cache. To this is added the fact that the aforementioned capture was the only one shared and it did not have a publication date. In addition, from the Ministry of Equality assured to cursed.es that the content of the tweet was “false”.

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