Family guy in the style of an American sitcom from the 80s

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it has been possible to portray the characters of Family Guy and even make a great video of the intro of the series.

There is no limit to what these Artificial Intelligences that generate images cannot do. On this occasion, and thanks to Forocars we have been able to discover What would the characters of the animated series ‘Family Guy’ be like in the purest American sitcom style of the 80s. A total genius!

The American animated comedy for adults created by Seth McFarlane revolves around the peculiar and unusual griffin familyformed by the father PeterMother Loistheir children Meg, Chris and the little one Stewie, and a human-intelligent, talking dog named Brian. The Serie premiered on Fox in 1999 and has since issued more than 300 episodes. It is such a success that it is almost unnecessary to write descriptions like this.

She is known for her irreverent humor, which often includes satire and parody of American culture and politics. House brand. It also includes a wide range of pop culture references, including references to other television shows, movies, such as the Star Wars saga, and famous people of many nationalities.

Praised by much of the critics throughout its history, the series has been nominated for several awards and has won several awards for animation. But success is paid somehowY ‘Family Guy‘ has also been criticized for its controversial humor and for its treatment of certain social issues.

Without more information to provide, since we have not been able to locate more, such as the Artificial Intelligence used, or the prompts given, we can only tell you that you enjoy this hilarious sample of originality supported by an AI that we leave you below.

80s sitcom style Family Guy intro

In addition to the great and original images, we have also located a video on YouTube, on the channel of Lyrical Realms, in which the introduction of the series has been recreated as if it were the sitcom. The result is amazing and above all fun. We leave you with the intro:

Font Lyrical Realms Forocars

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Family guy in the style of an American sitcom from the 80s