Feijóo’s enigmatic tweet after Ana Blanco’s departure from the news: it’s not a meme

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has set off all the alarms with a enigmatic message that he has published on his social networks on behalf of the Exit of the journalist Ana Blanco from the news of TVE, where he has been the visible face for more than 30 years. And it is that she has used a comparison that has shocked more than one because of the strangeness of his words. “This is not parody?”has come to write a tweet about his publication.

Feijóo wanted to send a message of support to the one who has been the presenter of the information services for more than three decades of the public television network with a tweet. However, far from being seen as a nice detail, she has attracted the attention of more than one on social networks with what appears to be a political joke about this almost historic situation.

Thus, the leader of the opposition has mentioned the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, sociopolitical predictions for the future and Blanco in the same text. “Macron’s forecasts about a new era are already confirmed in the journalistic“, he has begun to affirm on his official Twitter profile through a curious message. Although it may seem that it is a political announcement, it is quite the opposite, since in this way it has been wanted fire whitewho announced this Monday that he is leaving the TVE newscast.

In fact, the following that the popular has been “Ana Blanco leaves the news”, before thanking her for her role on public television. “Thank you for so many years of work“, the text has ended next to the news published in the newspaper ABC under the headline “Ana Blanco, the face that outlasted all governments“In this way it seems that the leader of the PP wanted to show that the beginning of the end has now begun, with the departure of the journalist from the front line of television.

“This is not parody?”

This post has caused surprise both from his followers and from the users of the social network, who have had reactions of all kinds. While some have revealed their stupor Because of these strange words, others have pulled humor to describe this circumstance and have compared him with his predecessor: Mariano Rajoy.

“This man has definitely lost his mind totally,” “Rajoy 3.0” or “I guess this is laughing in moderation” are some of the comments that this tweet has earned in Twitterwhere the original publication has almost gone viral in a few minutes and has achieved almost 400 I like it in just the first two hours.

Feijóo’s enigmatic tweet after Ana Blanco’s departure from the news: it’s not a meme