Font (France 3): Clémentine Célarié “very happy and liberated” to have shot without a wig

After the first unreleased episode of the second season of Font which brought together 3.83 million viewers on February 5 on France 3, Louise Poquelin is back with a new case this Saturday February 12. If this investigation at the heart of a group of extremist vegan militants turns out to be the most delicate, with the volcanic police captain (whose partner has changed actor) it moves! Just like with Clémentine Célarié, her interpreter, always so dynamic. An ogre’s appetite increased tenfold by her victory over colon cancer, which she speaks bluntly.

“I am much more messy than her”

Tele-Leisure. Free-spirited, messy… we want to believe that Louise Poquelin, your character from Font, looks like you. Is that the case ?

Clementine Celarie. I’m much more messy than her. For me, brothel is a whole philosophy of life! [Elle rit.] I put a lot of myself in Louise not in a resemblance to what I am but in the projection of a 60-year-old woman who doesn’t care about her age and the gaze of others. I give it values ​​that I hold dear and this freedom to say what you feel, even if sometimes it’s a bit brutal. On the other hand, I’m not like her with her children, but embodying someone so excessive is brilliant.

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Your just published forbidden words, a book in which you reveal that you had cancer. Why ?

What I wanted to write is the desire to live and the energy it provoked. When you are cured of cancer, it provokes the desire to break taboos and all the things with which you hold back. It makes you want to stop complaining about the slightest sore but on the contrary to rejoice in the smallest thing. This is the message of my book. It’s completely positive.

“When you tell someone you have cancer, they look at you like you’re dead”

Why didn’t you talk about it before?

Out of modesty but, above all, because it scares. Cancer is consistently associated with death. When you tell someone you have cancer, they look at you like you’re dead. But I am healed! I say this because it is part of my healing and because my doctor told me to. Despite everything, people don’t believe me because many think that you can never get over it. It is a mistake.

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Does the announcement of Florent Pagny’s cancer, like your book, make it possible to “trivialize” this disease?

Yes. Florent was right: we must speak, free speech. His message, my book… whatever, it might help someone who doesn’t dare talk about it. You are told that to heal, you have to have a great mind, but how can you have it if you can’t talk about it? It’s a vicious circle. People who fight cancer are fighters. They have the right to speak!

Shooting without a wig was a release for the actress!

Louise has shorter hair in the two unpublished ones that we discover on France 3. Did you wear a wig?

No, I had just taken it off because my hair had grown back after the chemo. I wore one for the second episode of the series [diffusé en février 2021 et rediffusé le 19 février prochain, ndlr]. But this is the first time I’ve shot with my hair. I was very happy, I felt liberated.

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What are your plans now?

I’m on tour until May with my show Une vie [adapté du roman de Maupassant, ndlr]. I’m looking for a distributor for the first feature film I made, Peter and Joan, and I’m working on adapting my book.

Font (France 3): Clémentine Célarié “very happy and liberated” to have shot without a wig