Forever Les Luthiers: the group that beat time

From 1967 to the present, The Luthiers I accompany with his own style, faithful to his humor, the stages of the whole country and of the Spanish-speaking regions.

Founded on September 4, under the name of “I Musicisti”by engineering student Gerardo Masanathe project was born as a university choir of four members that brought together Jorge Maronna, Mark Mundstock Y Daniel Rabinovich. Together with its creator, they embarked on the path of music made by instruments invented by themselves, hence the derivation of the name.

the mood of The Luthiers always had a seal of quality and commitment. It is not directed to a specific age, nor to a cultural stratum. The characteristic feature is the multidisciplinary proposal of humor. Art, both in music and in theater, forms the argumentative universe of the group.

Its link in its genesis with other artists associated with the Di Tella Institute or within the environment of popular music, he revalues ​​his artistic commitment with enormous display.

The most popular formation was consolidated when Carlos Nunez CortezWith carlos lopez Y Ernest Acher (who says goodbye in the mid-80s), they join the litter.

However, Masana’s passing in 1973 establishes the group as a whole as an indissoluble union. In recent years, the withdrawal of Nunez Cortezadded to the recent deaths of two charismatic artists such as Daniel Rabinovich Y Mark MundstockI condition the group to add new members to maintain validity. Tattoo Turano, Martin O’Connor, Thomas Mayer Wolf Y Robert Yesterday they are the new names that have the responsibility of maintaining the essence.

The Luthiers

His first work was Modaton Cantata, a parody of baroque cantatas, in which “informal” musical instruments were used. The success was resounding. Throughout their stage career, the group has repeatedly presented a prototypical character as the axis: Johann Sebastian Mastropiero.

There is a certain habituality, on the part of the group, in the creation of characters, such as the composer of popular music Manuel Dariothe maharishi I came out slimethe bossa nova composer Dorival Lampada (Lampiño) and the media pastor Warren Sanchez, among others. However, the composer Mastropiero has more appearances in the entire repertoire.

More than 30 stagings and exceeding ten albums, Les Luthiers left a collective artistic mark. Collaborators like Robert Fontanarrosa Y Horace Fontova, among others, accompanied the band in their scripts. A place on stage, are the instruments created with inventiveness and originality. The Pneumatic Manguelodicthe dactylophonethe chromatic silicone tube and the bass-piper to varaare some of the melodic and rhythmic stars that shine with their sound.

The recognition was not only from the public, in these 55 years of history with comedy, to the decoration of the Order of Isabella the Catholic in 2007, they were joined by the Special Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence delivered in 2011, and the declaration of Illustrious citizens of Buenos Aires.

Coinciding with the 50-year career, in 2017, Les Luthiers obtains the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities. A legacy that transcends, surpassing individualities, overcoming time and imposing its group mark.

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Forever Les Luthiers: the group that beat time