Formalization of Amazigh: the government is moving up a gear

Emphasizing the priority given to the formalization of Amazigh, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesperson, recently affirmed that this year marks the consolidation of the arsenal of measures making the operationalization of the character Amazigh official.

A few days before the start of the Amazigh year 2973, celebrated every January 13 according to the agrarian calendar, the Council of Government, meeting last Thursday, under the chairmanship of Aziz Akhannouch, Head of Government, focused on the concretization of the implementation of the official character of the Amazigh language. Emphasizing the priority given to the work of formalizing Amazigh for the government team, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesman, said during the weekly press briefing that “this year marks the consolidation of the arsenal of measures making effective the operationalization of the official character of the Amazigh”.

According to the Minister, “since the beginning of this week, the kick-off has been given for the implementation of projects within this project within public administrations and institutions in order to orient and guide Amazighophone users benefiting from the public service while facilitating the process of communication so that they can benefit from services related to health, justice and culture. Based on this observation, the government has announced that it will devote 300 million dirhams under the 2023 Finance Law.

This amount will be increased to 1 billion dirhams by 2025. “A significant financial envelope has also been allocated over the next four years to support Amazigh activities while supporting initiatives promoting the tangible and intangible heritage of Amazigh culture in addition the start of the generalization of the inscription of the Amazigh language at the seats of administrative departments and nameplates, traffic signs and signs and means of transport in addition to electronic portals.

Official bulletin in the Amazigh language: the translation of texts in progress
Regarding the legislative and regulatory component, Mustapha Baitas pointed out that the government, in partnership with the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM), has begun the institutionalization of the implementation of the translation and publication of legislative texts. and regulations of a general nature in the Official Bulletin in the Amazigh language.

During his speech at this council of government, the Head of Government also affirmed that all these measures stem from the government’s commitment to advance this project in accordance with Organic Law No. 26.16 defining the implementation process. of the official character of Amazigh, as well as the modalities of its integration in education and in the priority areas of public life.

The Head of Government also called on his team for their active support for the concrete implementation of this project and mobilize all the material, human and logistical capacities available to achieve the objectives assigned to this project while insisting on coordination and convergence. in order to achieve the objectives set in accordance with the deadlines set by the government roadmap.

Validation of four pieces of legislation

The Council of Government validated four pieces of legislation. This concerns, firstly, draft law n° 44.22 supplementing and modifying law n° 45.00 relating to legal experts, presented by the Minister of Justice. This project aims to support technological, scientific and digital development. These are essentially disputes concerning the fields of renewable energies, protection against nuclear radiation, identification of vehicle and weapon registration numbers, linguistic analysis, video and image analysis, diagnosis of fingerprints and the analysis of digital evidence, weapons, ammunition, explosives… in the absence of legal experts specialized in these fields.

In this sense, the bill aims to introduce a partial modification of Law No. 45.00, opening the field before public institutions, offices, institutes, laboratories, administrative units affiliated with state administrations to legalize the regulatory nature expertise carried out. In addition to the validation of draft decree n° 2.22.809 amending and supplementing decree n° 2.06.574 of December 31, 2006 relating to the application of VAT and instituting the exemption of imported agricultural products and equipment, the government council validated draft decree n° 2.22.811 amending and supplementing decree n° 2.94.285 of 21 November 1994 on the allocation and organization of the Ministry of Public Health.

This project aims to create a new direction under the name of “Direction of supply of drugs and health products”, which will be entrusted with numerous missions that ensure the supply of health establishments with essential drugs and health products of high quality. quality.

Khadim Mbaye / ECO Inspirations

Formalization of Amazigh: the government is moving up a gear