When you meet this little woman, at the bend of a street in Fouesnant, no one could imagine her tortuous and painful journey. Nor above all the strength that she had to deploy and still deploys today to face the disease. “We were bowling with my mom. I was doing a laser tag. The gendarmes arrived to warn us that I was in a proven emergency. They had been alerted by the laboratory,” says Manon.

Imagine their surprise. “I was tired, my immune system already weakened by other illnesses.” Immediately, the medical chain starts. The care is fast and his universe becomes hospitals, sterile rooms. “The corticosteroids and the chemotherapy didn’t work. So I underwent a bone marrow transplant by blood transfusion. I know the donor is a 31-year-old German, but it’s an anonymous donation.” She goes over periods of doubt, a recurrence, heavy treatments and her stays at the Morvan hospital in Brest, at the Pontchaillou hospital in Rennes and at the Robert-Debré university hospital in Paris to focus on the coming.

Marion, surrounded by her parents Isabelle and Stéphane, and Yves Cario, president of the ACS, wants to live life to the fullest.

A strength of character

Marion shows extraordinary energy. A strength of character that she didn’t even suspect deep down inside. However, she knows that without the unwavering support of her parents, life would be very different today. “I was covered a lot and helped a lot in the often difficult gestures of everyday life. Unfortunately to the detriment of my four sisters, who did not receive the same attention as me. But they are my sisters (laughs). Because for more than five years, the family life of Isabelle, Stéphane and their daughters has been punctuated by Marion’s journey and the evolution of her cancer.

Despite the adversity, they still continue to emphasize the humanity of the nursing and medical staff, without whom Marion might not be here. “We also received help from associations and volunteers”. Local accommodation during long periods of hospitalization for themselves, school support for Marion could seem futile to some. But for Isabelle, Stéphane and Marion, it was an essential help. While the future seems a very abstract concept for many teenagers, even young adults, Marion intends to bite into this magnificent future. “She is now in boarding school, in first class in an agricultural high school in Côtes-d’Armor. It’s his choice, ”says his mother. And to share this desire to live, she now responds to requests for testimony.

Willingness to raise awareness

Manon spoke at the 7th edition of the Evening of Hope, organized by the Association Céline and Stéphane Leucémie Espoir 29 (ACS), in September. During this event, Yves Cario, head of the Fouesnant relay, recalled the raison d’être of the ACS, its history, and the actions it carries out in order to raise funds to help patients and their families and contribute advances in blood disease research. But he was far from suspecting that Marion’s speaking out would supplant her speech and her desire to raise awareness. On November 18, she will be in Quimper, at the request of the organizers of the Tour du Finistère Cycliste.

Fouesnant – Touched by leukemia at the age of 11, Marion, from Fouesnant, is the symbol of hope