From 28 October to 6 November, at the Augusteo theater in Naples: “The woman is mobile”

The Augusteo Theater of Naples, Piazzetta duca d’Aosta 263, opens the curtain for the first show of the 2022/2023 theater season: “La donna è mobile” by Vincenzo Scarpetta, directed by Francesco Saponaro, from Friday 28 October to Sunday November 6, 2022.

“La donna è mobile” is a 1918 comedy-musical parody by Vincenzo Scarpetta, whose stage action is supported and enriched by monologues, duets and trios set to music and sung, presented as parodies of famous opera arias. The romantic 19th-century musical panorama is extensively revisited thanks to the comic-grotesque rewriting and the reworking of the texts.

Comedy in dialect meets the parody of opera: from Verdi’s Rigoletto and La Traviata to Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana, from Rossini’s Guglielmo Tell to Puccini’s La Bohème. There is no shortage of delightful citations from operetta and parodic reworkings of great successes from the early twentieth century, ending with marches and ballets composed by Vincenzo Scarpetta himself.

Performers and characters: Enzo Attanasio (marquis Cornacchia), Luigi Bignone (Eugenio Fiorillo), Giuseppe Brunetti (baroncino Procolo Turzi), Viviana Cangiano (Giacinta, daughter of the marquis Cornacchia), Salvatore Caruso (Vicienzo, waiter of don Ambrogio), Elisabetta D ‘Acunzo, (Filomena, the usurer), Rosario Giglio (Ignazio Sazio), Ivana Maione (Luisella), Davide Mazzella (Salvatore, the baroncino’s cook), Biagio Musella (Felice Sciosciammocca, Eugenio’s waiter), Serena Pisa (Giulietta, daughter of Ignazio), Luca Saccoia (Dr. Ferdinando Saraca), Ivano Schiavi (the fishmonger Pascale) and Federica Totaro (Rosina, Ignazio’s maid).

Live music performed by the pianist and arranger Mariano Bellopede, who also takes care of the musical direction, with Arcangelo Michele Caso on cello and plectrums, and Giuseppe Di Maio on clarinet.

Costumes by Anna Verde, lights by Gianluca Sacco and sound by Daniele Chessa. Trianon Viviani theater production.


In Naples in the 1920s, the nobility experienced its twilight and the upper middle class was in full economic crisis after the stock market euphoria of the early 20th century. The noble Giulietta, scion of the Sazio family, aspires to a marriage with a rich man of high lineage. Don Ignazio, her father, tries to satisfy her whims and lets her play with the feelings of the penniless Eugenio Fiorillo, a foundling helped by the baron don Ambrogio, and of her rich, but not at all attractive, Baroncino Turzi. Giulietta, prey to her careerism, gives in to Turzi’s flattery and prepares to marry as a baroness. Thanks to some letters found in an old armchair, Eugenio discovers that he is the legitimate son and universal heir of Don Ambrogio. To take revenge on her, he pretends to be the very rich Indian prince Kitikuti, making the complacent Juliet understand that he wants to marry her. With the help of Ferdinando the doctor, Luisella the greengrocer, Pascale the fishmonger and the three servants Felice, Vincenzo and Salvatore, he organizes a mock party against Giulietta and all her cronies…

From 28 October to 6 November, at the Augusteo theater in Naples: “The woman is mobile” –