Gazzettomania exploded in Massa and Carrara: about twenty requests for collaboration. Let’s get excited

We will be honest. In these nine years since the Journal of Massa and Carrara, we had rarely felt an atmosphere of enthusiasm such as the one we are breathing these days following the article with which we announced our intention to seek collaborators. We had written it other times, but the response had been almost nothing or almost nothing. What, then, has happened now? Christmas atmosphere and people more willing to read? Automatic publication on social networks and, therefore, greater and instantaneous diffusion? Rebirth of the desire to write in a newspaper free from all party and economic constraints? Want to test yourself? Probably all these things together starting with the arrival, a couple of weeks ago, of Vittorio Prayer, our colleague at the beginning of the 90s at The Corriere della Sera as a correspondent, polemical, badass and superfine journalist. Thus, slowly but progressively, the numbers of our newspaper have also increased to the point that, most recently which was after Lucca, Serchio and Viareggio, it has now leapt to second place and shows no sign of stopping rising: the absolute unique users are increasing and views are growing, to the point that the writer, (ir)responsible director of this editorial group born because he was fed up with institutionalized and politically (s)correct journalism, discovered within himself the desire to devote himself body and soul to this land so tortured and, let us tell you, often without concrete prospects. We have responded to each and every one explaining what we want and listening to wishes and interests. Someone has enthusiastically accepted, someone else has declined the invitation, there are also those who did not like some grammatical clarifications. Most, however, accepted the challenge: here we collaborate and learn, we learn and grow, we grow and gain self-confidence and the profession.

We can’t promise what we can’t keep, but we keep what we can promise. In Viareggio, Lucca and Serchio, at least twenty former collaborators then flew on their own and now work in the communication sector: TV, newspapers, press offices. We told their stories in a column called Gazzetta’s Got Talent, a parody of the television broadcast. Well, these are the stories of those who believed in it and, in the end, succeeded in turning a passion into a job or even, perhaps, something less, but certainly something more than what, until then, He had done.

In Massa and Carrara we had and still have excellent collaborators, but we never had – we confess – the feeling that these two realities could have produced something surprising. The response to our announcement blatantly denied us, we will now see if it was a flash in the pan or if perseverance, dedication, determination, will and desire to achieve something concrete also dwell in these latitudes.

We find it hard, really, to believe that we are facing a wonderful and pleasant turnaround. We who from Carrara keep the memory of extraordinary friendships such as those of Antonio Bernieri and Marcello Venturoli, we who read the splendid poems of Carlo Andrea Fabbricotti, we who fell in love and were moved by the partisan action of one of the most important figures of our cultural renaissance between the two wars, that Giuseppe Pagano who died in Mauthausen a few days before the liberation of the concentration camp by the allied troops.

Well, full speed ahead, we are ready to rise up to rise again according to the wonderful motto coined by Emilio Lusso for the Action Party during the Resistance.

Gazzettomania exploded in Massa and Carrara: about twenty requests for collaboration. Let’s get excited