Gironde: an elected official tried in Bordeaux for two sexual assaults

Presumed innocent until his judgment, Patrick Duart refutes the sexual nature of the facts with which he is accused. Le Figaro / Marie-Helene Herouart

Accused by two women of sexual assault, Patrick Duart, 71, appears before the Bordeaux Criminal Court on Friday. The deputy mayor of Talence resigned from his post earlier this week.

Le Figaro Bordeaux

On the eve of his trial at the Bordeaux Criminal Court, his lawyer describes “an anxious man“. Friday, Patrick Duart, still deputy mayor of Talence three days ago, appears in court for sexual assaults. Two women, who have joined as civil parties, accuse him of gestures and inappropriate words which would have taken place in November 2019 for one and on May 28, 2020 for the other. Both carers, they rubbed shoulders with the chosen one on a daily basis to take care of his seriously ill wife at home. (Madame Duart died in January 2021, Ed.)

According to information collected by Le Figaro, the hearing to be held on Friday follows a complaint filed by one of them. Aged about forty, the complainant had then been caring for the wife of the man she accused for five years. “Over time, the relationship (between the victim and Patrick Duart, editor’s note) was able to go further than that which unites a patient to a caregiver“, specifies the defense lawyer, Julien Plouton.

He wiped the tears from her eyes»

A “affectionwhich had led the chosen one to help her with the care she was providing. Until the day, when both leaned over the patient, he would have touched her in the chest by pushing her back after she had just had him.away from her with a cushion“, because she found him”too close“. A gesture recognized by Patrick Duart. Presumed innocent until his judgment, he refutes on the other hand the sexual nature of all the allegations which are brought against him.

Aged 25, the second victim named in the file had asked his management to no longer work at home six months before the complaint was filed. She then mentioned:discomfortin the presence of Patrick Duart. Later, during her statement, she explained to the investigators that she developed this feeling after he “wiped the tears from her eyes with paper towelas she cut onions. To their question: was he erect at that time? She answers : “Yes“.

We are dealing here with a man who hit a woman in the chest ” and “who was looking for a reassuring presence with the nursing staff in a difficult period“says M.e Julien Plouton on the eve of his client’s hearing. He denounces “a case assembled from scratch“, investigations “dependent and oriented» and «victims who obviously exchanged with each otherbefore being heard.

The town hall of Talence dissociates itself from the case

Contacted by Le Figarothe mayor of Talence, Emmanuel Sallaberry, is formal: “I made a decision which is heavy, I assume it, he is no longer deputy mayor of Talence.“warned of”this private matteron January 12, the politician immediately summoned the member of his majority. An interview during which the defendantshaken“again denied the facts of which he is accused. At its conclusion, “from a common agreementWith the city councilor, Patrick Duart was dismissed from his delegation for Education, extracurricular activities, leisure centers and childcare, as well as the maintenance of municipal buildings.

A decision made so thatjustice be done calmly“, insists Emmanuel Sallaberry. Formalized by municipal decree on January 16, the measure was quickly followed by effects. The municipality’s website, for example, is already up to date. In office at the City since 2006, Patrick Duart has retained his seat on the municipal council within the majority “without delegation or compensation“.

Gironde: an elected official tried in Bordeaux for two sexual assaults